A True Explorer

It’s been seven days now in a foreign land, in another planet and I still couldn’t spot any Martian. I am sure they are somewhere but my patience was beginning to erode. My supplies were ending and my team was getting restless. 

I stood silently gazing at the “figures” in front of me. I call them “figures” for lack of a better word. They were of varying sizes-small like the size of a thumb to huge ones that could overshadow the huge coconut trees. Each one of them was different and yet had a striking resemblance. What were perhaps organs for sight were four in number and they were gazing at me intently perhaps being as quizzical as I was… I was an alien to them just like they were for me… Perhaps, we looked more similar… My team had people of nearly same complexion… Same height… They might be wondering if we were a clone army…however, for that thought to cross, they must be aware of cloning…

It was hard to stand there… A hundred emotions crossed my mind… Fear at what could happen… Happiness at sighting the aliens… Confusion as what I had to do… Relief that I wasn’t wrong to guess there is outer life and I do not know what other emotions could possibly be… My mind was totally blank…

It wasn’t responding the way it should… I glanced at the nearby places… The rocks were shiny… They were exuding light… A different light… Not the type of light that lights up the place… It was the type of light that blinds people… The aliens had big organs of sight… They could cut down the blinding light…we couldn’t…I knew it is going to be a tough battle.

As I marched ahead trying to explain the figures, they spit something which had intense heat that forced me to take back my steps. I knew then and there… Talking is not gonna work anymore. However, we were short supplied…there was no way we could win against them… I had to scratch hard at my brain and then it clicked…

Mars doesn’t have ample water… There is ice in solidified format… But no water… I took out my bottle and poured a little on the surface… Instantly… The glimmer from the rocks stopped…they were perhaps too dry… The aliens thought it was a lethal weapon… I than drank some water to signal I am not here to wage a war… this caught their fancy… perhaps they spotted a friend in us… slowly what I thought must be a smile curved on their lips. I tried to communicate and finally after endless hours of making signals, they released us in exchange of water…

We took some samples home so that we could research more about them and left them with quite a few bottles of water which they were happy to research too… the aliens were a new friend… who knows someday, we may be hopping on Mars too… I was smirking because I finally conquered the final frontier. I brought back my crew alive from MARS… something that no one could ever do before… I was hailed as A True Explorer.


This post is written for I am Explorer competition at IndiBlogger. The competition is inspired by Tata Safari Storme. Click on respective links to know more.

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