Fresh And Happy Truly!

I live in a big family with 17 people in the same house. Despite arranging things and stacking them, there is always something that goes amiss. When I come back home, I used to find an irritating smell greet me. It used to put me off. I knew it is hard to manage a big home like mine, but sometimes, bad odour simply puts you off. You can try everything that you want, but the odour persists.
It was at that time that I found out the IndiBlogger competition about Ambi Pur products. I applied for a sample so that I could be sure if it will help me come back to a sweet smelling home. Not surprisingly, I put the air freshener in my room immediately upon receiving my sample.
I knew that Ambi Pur is one of the leading names in the field of air freshener; however, what I didn’t know is the fact that it truly justifies its position of being the top air freshener. The sweet fragrance that it emitted not only spread a wonderful ambience in the room but it remarkably improved my spirits and mood as well.
My mother was delightfully surprised at seeing me cheerful and jovial even after a long day at office. She thought I have been given a big promotion. However, when I told her that it was the pleasant odour, she smiled and told me that she must thank the Ambi Pur team for gifting her true happiness. She whispered in my ears that she was getting irritated of my irritation and is absolutely happy to see me happy.

One day, when I returned from office, I saw my mother sneaking on my computer. As I slowly tiptoed near, I saw that she was placing an online order for Ambi Pur home range as well as car range products. When I startled her, she told me that she always wanted to see me relaxed and happy and Ambi Pur is definitely one of the top stuffs that managed to bring positive change in my moods. So, I will have a new car perfume range for my car and my room.
No doubt, that moment was worth more than a million bucks for me… Some things never change and are timeless… The unconditional love of a mum and the flawless performance of Ambi Pur… Perfection redefined..!
This post is written for Fresh and happy experience at IndiBlogger. The competition is inspired by Ambi Pur. Click on respective links to know more.



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