The Stubble Story

He stood there gazing at the girl of her dreams. There was something exceptionally charming about the girl which he couldn’t stop thinking about. And yet, here he was standing across the street; watching his dream girl flirting with another guy who wasn’t half as handsome as him, not nearly as tall and neither was he built like him. Still, Stacey couldn’t stop batting her eyelids at her. Women are a strange creature and to understand how they work is definitely a herculean task. So, how could he win over her girl??
He inched closer trying to overhear their conversation and there he finally got his answer, goodness who knew, all her girl wanted was a clean shaven man with no sign of an unhealthy stubble. Only if she could have told him this.
He reached his hand to his beards and crikey it pricked and pricked bad. So, he shaved it all and when Stacey saw him, she gave a sigh of appreciation and the girl finally did acknowledge him and reciprocated his love too. All for the case of a stubble!!! She screamed to her friends, “His clean shaven look bowled me over” and he never felt so happier before. He promised to shave every day. Heck, he would shave every minute, if it ring his girl so much joy.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

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