Men, Stubble And Mystery

Sitting there, all alone in the park, ash wondered why the hell did guys go around with that annoying stubble. She would have had so many boyfriends only if each one of them had known why it is important to shave. She really pitied the ones who thought a stubble made them look all manly and hunky… We are not Greek and men ain’t Roman gods. Couldn’t they take out a wee bit of time and just shave!!

Men, being men will be men!! I so hated that smelly stubble and it was such a turnoff that she had to breakup with almost the eighth boyfriend this year.. Now, this was seriously getting out of hands. So, she thought of starting an anti stubble campaign so that men could know how much we hated their smelly stubble!!

The only reason they don’t shave is because they love being lazy… All so ridiculous!! She might have even been married had her first boyfriend been decent enough to shave at least once in a couple of days!! Not women, rather men are a complete mystery!!!!
I hate that unclean stubble. I could never understand men and their fascination with stubble. I think there is something wrong with their style sense and they need to rectify their style meter.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


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