Guys- Here’s The Girl Code

Ever wondered what do you hate the most in men? I thought hard and long and I can safely conclude it is the stubble. I am not complaining against one and all and each one of us can have our own perceptions. However, I simply cannot stand a dirty beard because I hate that unclean stubble. It looks gross and unhygienic. Okay, there are guys who carry it smartly but hey you do not have a Bradley Cooper hanging at every street.
So, dear guys, if you are reading this, it would be so good if you could sincerely take out some time from your oh so busy schedule and simply shave once a day. Trust me; your odds of getting the perfect girl will be so much high if you could care a little more about your stubble than the baseball score for the series. It doesn’t take a lot to shave. A little courtesy on your part and we girls would be appreciating it so much more. You could even find some of us stealing glances in your direction because come on who can resist a really a handsome guy with no mark of a stubble on him. Yes, you got it right. Now, go shave!

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


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