My college story

There were very few things that truly irked me and stubble was one of them. I didn’t know why it was so, but every time I was a man with stubble, I couldn’t help cursing. How would men feel if girls roamed about with big, burly hair all over, unshaven and unkempt? It is another thing to have big locks swaying in the air, but good Lord, a stubble!! Couldn’t they think a little? I mean there is nothing to insult a guy based on his choices but any fool can see that stubble looks gross.
I hate that unclean stubble! How many girls have complained of this? I tried to spread the word and spoke about this with my best guy friend who was the only one who shaved daily and that too because I made sure he did or else we weren’t talking for a week. He started communicating the same and voila the college campus suddenly looked so much better. Shaven men are always so much more appealing and they can help you feel the pulse zing through your brain. Good lord, life suddenly looked so much better and college didn’t seem as tiring as there were so many “good” things to do now.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


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