Finally, yours!

It was the umpteenth time Jack was trying to win over the heart of Rosie. She did seem interested, but God knows why she came close and then rushed off. Couldn’t she just tell him what the problem was? He was not going to let the matter slip. For so long, he has been hooked to her, he wanted her bad and he wanted her now. As he was trying to find what was that made Rosie ran away, he absent mindedly put his hands on his face and God it hurt. His beard!! That was some piece of scissor. It hurt. Could it be the beard? He wondered idly. You never know with women! They can come up with some of the most incredible excuses and reasons. He decided what was there to lose and shaved off his stubble- the stubble that he had worn perhaps ever since he was born! Only if it was technically possible!!
The next day when Rosie saw him, she got all starry eyed. “His clean shaven looked bowled me over”, she was shouting and screaming all through the garden. Good lord he loved that smile and to know that he was the one behind it made his day so much brighter.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


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