The Happy Hair, The Happy Me!

There was a time when my hair was a frigging mass of wild riots. However, once I got it all managed and grown to thick, long and fine tresses; all thanks to Sunsilk recharge your hair, I am such a happy woman.

Now, when I need to head to a wild trekking adventure which I do quite a lot, I no longer tie my hair and rob me of my sheen. I let them lose because I know they will look beautiful and make me feel feminine and pretty.

Yes, I did the right thing by opting to recharge my hair as it totally recharged my life and I am sooo frigging happy… Yep the compliments have been pouring in and everyday I wake up a little happier as the hair grows thicker, longer and better.

Just like women love shoes, we also adore our hair…. I am so glad I can flaunt my perfect tresses all the time even when I am sweating up the hills or jumping the ropes or diving in the air… Thank you Sunsilk!!!

This post is a part of recharge your hair, recharge your life contest at Indiblogger.

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