Karma, Smell, Life

I can’t stand smelly people. They put me off… sadly, wherever I go,  they always follow. If you’ve seen the Vodafone advertisement, you would know how the adorable puppy follows the little boy all along. You might be wondering what the relation is, but you know I’ve the same kind of relation with smelly people. I don’t know if that’s God way of saying “karma bites”… what on earth I did in my previous life continues to baffle me.

School time

I was in the 7th standard and the girl who used to sit beside me. I swear if I had roses in my bags, they would start smelling too. I can bet on my life… she didn’t bath she never bathed… 7th standard was a pain…I don’t like calling names but dearest girl partner of the 7th grade, open your eyes, see the world and know that there’s something called shower.

12th standard

Girls are supposed to be all groomed, looking for the hunks. Dearest God, looks like you wanted to teach me a lesson. My partner smelled… rotten eggs would feel like the UCB perfume if you compared with what she smelled. Yep, karma’s a bitch and I am sure, I was a terrorist in my previous life and that is why I was stuck sadly with smelly people.


Everyone wears fashionable cloth and is going out with handsome hunk. My best friend… didn’t bath for a week or so because she says, it’s too cold… it is thirteen degrees Celsius. You have to put up with best friends ALWAYS. That’s the girl code. Karma… I am hearing you now.

Office life


Karma- I GIVE up

Now when I heard of the Racold thermo heater, I am going to gift each one of them this heater… BECAUSE KARMA, THANK YOU BUT THAT’S THE END OF MY PATIENCE.

A hot shower is all you need to wipe off the bad smelly smell.

The post is a part of  Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind contest at Indiblogger.

Official link: https://www.facebook.com/racoldthermoltd


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