My Love For Masala Cricket

Are you a cricket crazy fan? Do you watch too much of the game? I cannot get myself to have the patience to sit for the entire length of a test match. But talk of T20 and I am blown by what this game has to offer. There are too many good things about it and the fact that IPL brings Bollywood and cricket together makes it an extremely dangerous and deadly combination which just cannot be missed.

As a die hard IPL fan, I can probably write a diary about the things that I have done… the things the rest of the world may call as crazy. It is needless to add that being from Calcutta, I am a KKR fan and thus I make it a point to fast on all those days when KKR has a game. I know they do not always win. But when they do, Boy my calorie counts end up increasing rather than burning because the joy that I feel is immense.

I love to fast as it is one way of praying to God and asking them to shower their blessings on my favorite TV. Apart from that, I have the habit of watching the top moments of the game time and again. Thanks to Star Sports and their zip clip feature, I can easily cherish this opportunity and make the most out of it.

I love the kind of presentation that Star Sports has shown and it has enlivened the way I look at the match. IL is one of the craziest and the hottest form of cricket at the moment. Girls can check out hot players and guys, well the cheerleaders keep the temperature blazing. My list of crazy things I did for IPL is embarrassingly long. I think this sneak peak should be enough to get you an idea of how weird I am.

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IPL And Shamelessness

In India, cricket is more than just a game. It is no longer a game that is dominated by men. Children, girls and even women these days actively ask about the scores and all this has happened mainly because of IPL- the biggest cricketing fever of all times.
If I had to talk about the things I did for the sake of cricket, I will have too many points to tell. To talk of the craziest things I have done, it includes bunking school, faking my dad’s signature just because we wanted to see our KKR inaction. It is not everyday that you manage to get tickets to Eden Gardens and when you get one, isn’t it foolish to miss it? So, when we landed upon the chance and I knew my dad is not going to permit because I had exams less than a week away, I forged his signature on my leave letter. Bunked school and sat like boss in the seats watching the game unfold. Sounds badass? Well, it was but it was worth it because KRR won and boy the kind of joy we exulted and the fun we had- priceless.
These days, thanks to Star Sports I no longer have to indulge in such shameless crimes. It is easy for me to simply flip the channel and their feature of action replay ensures that I can watch the details of the shots time and again. I love watching the IPL on Star Sports as it gives me nearly the same thrill as that of watching it live in the stadium. I could have spoken more about my love for IPL and the crazy things I did. But hello, the match is about to be underway and do you ever miss even the toss or the pre-inning discussion!!! Not me. So, we should see soon hopefully after KKR lifts the cup.
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Cricket- How it all changed

Cricket has seen a lot of change…from the time when the gentle Englishmen used to wear their stylish hats, adorn the perfectly creased oxford shirt and sat like a gentleman amongst the crowd, sipping their English tea and analyzing the game play like it were a Shakespearean play to today’s times. Years passed, times changed and cricket… Well, it evolved. No more was it the Shakespearean play but the drama definitely increased manifold. Now T20, also known as masala cricket attracts more audience than any other format of the game. What makes IPL one of the most popular formats of the game has to be the fact that there’s something in it for everyone. From the grand opening ceremony where girls can’t stop checking out hot hunks to the breathtaking stunning performances by gorgeous divas- IPL gives it all.
I am particularly fascinated by IPL because of the speed, tempo, gossip, fanfare which this game evokes. When the IPL is on we rarely talk anything else. Of all the crazy things I did for IPL the one that tops my list has to be the fact that I wore the same KKR jersey for every single day that kkr played. Yes, it was not hygienic and definitely embarrassing but anything for
Korbo lorbo jeetbo re.

The new and exciting features offered by star sports make my fascination for the game even more intense. Their zip clips makes me eager to watch the same swashbuckling shots time and again.
Thanks to star sports, I can now dig a great deal of statistics sitting inside my own office. I am not one of those girls who loves cricket only because Glenn Maxwell looks a hunk. Obviously that is an extra point but cricket is something we grow up with and IPL gives the opportunity to relish the spiciest flavor of this long lost love.

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My IPL Drama

Cricket is considered as a religion in India. When the IPL is on, even the bosses forget who is turning up late and who is leaving early. The only buzz word on every single mind is “IPL”. I too am no exception. The mad craze of masala cricket got me hooked as well. Even when I have loads and loads of work to complete, I still make it a point to religiously hoot for KKR and cheer them up every time a ball is tossed for a six.
When it comes down to the things I have done, the things the world calls as crazy, I probably have too big a list. One such thing which is sure to make you go in a frenzy is a fact that I along with my siblings make it a point to be fixated at the same spot for the entire length of the match. Call it superstition, call it madness, call it ridiculousness, but this is the way we work and this is how we love our flavor of masala cricket. Sometimes, when there is some pressing need to do something or worse still, there have been cases when I was dying of hunger, but did that make me move? Hell no. Cricket is not just a game and IPL is the tastiest spice we have ever had.
Thanks to star sports, masala cricket just got spicier. Their fastest scorecard feature is probably one of the best features the lover of the game could have asked for. The world is constantly changing and so how could the gentleman’s game be left behind. Thanks to Star sports this game ahs seen some of the best changes and I here must take a pause because my favorite cricketers are out on the field and I pray to god, they are merciless like a lion on prowl. After all,

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T20, IPL and Girls

Yes, I am a girl and yes I hoot for cricketers and no it is not only because of how they look. Obviously, I do love checking out some of the smartest looking handsome cricketers who could give Hollywood celebs a run for their money. But more than that, I like the way Maxwell flexes his muscles every time he tosses the ball for a six.

But, I am not a kings XI Punjab fan. Being a Kolkatan, I am a die hard KKR fan and I can’t help but smile when KKR steals victory from the jaws of defeat. Sure. We may not be trending on the top of the scorecard but that doesn’t deter my sprit. After all, T20 is all about pitching for your state and making sure you see them till the very end.

I have a list of some weird and crazy things I did when watching matches and when it comes to IPL, you would be mortified to hear some of them. I once accidentally hit the volume key to 95 when watching the game and right at that instant, Gambhir hit a brilliant six. That very instant I shouted that no one should change the volume anymore and though even my neighbors might have had issues with eardrums, we watched the whole match at that ear splitting volume. Talk about being crazy for matches.

Thanks to Star Sports I can really cherish my pleasure and fascination for the game. On days when I am stuck at office, it is their action recap feature that makes sure that I have the right access to the top shots which I should not have missed seriously. How I hate my office during IPL but thanks to Star Sports, I can at least watch the key shots and the big innings at least.

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