Cricket- How it all changed

Cricket has seen a lot of change…from the time when the gentle Englishmen used to wear their stylish hats, adorn the perfectly creased oxford shirt and sat like a gentleman amongst the crowd, sipping their English tea and analyzing the game play like it were a Shakespearean play to today’s times. Years passed, times changed and cricket… Well, it evolved. No more was it the Shakespearean play but the drama definitely increased manifold. Now T20, also known as masala cricket attracts more audience than any other format of the game. What makes IPL one of the most popular formats of the game has to be the fact that there’s something in it for everyone. From the grand opening ceremony where girls can’t stop checking out hot hunks to the breathtaking stunning performances by gorgeous divas- IPL gives it all.
I am particularly fascinated by IPL because of the speed, tempo, gossip, fanfare which this game evokes. When the IPL is on we rarely talk anything else. Of all the crazy things I did for IPL the one that tops my list has to be the fact that I wore the same KKR jersey for every single day that kkr played. Yes, it was not hygienic and definitely embarrassing but anything for
Korbo lorbo jeetbo re.

The new and exciting features offered by star sports make my fascination for the game even more intense. Their zip clips makes me eager to watch the same swashbuckling shots time and again.
Thanks to star sports, I can now dig a great deal of statistics sitting inside my own office. I am not one of those girls who loves cricket only because Glenn Maxwell looks a hunk. Obviously that is an extra point but cricket is something we grow up with and IPL gives the opportunity to relish the spiciest flavor of this long lost love.

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