My IPL Drama

Cricket is considered as a religion in India. When the IPL is on, even the bosses forget who is turning up late and who is leaving early. The only buzz word on every single mind is “IPL”. I too am no exception. The mad craze of masala cricket got me hooked as well. Even when I have loads and loads of work to complete, I still make it a point to religiously hoot for KKR and cheer them up every time a ball is tossed for a six.
When it comes down to the things I have done, the things the world calls as crazy, I probably have too big a list. One such thing which is sure to make you go in a frenzy is a fact that I along with my siblings make it a point to be fixated at the same spot for the entire length of the match. Call it superstition, call it madness, call it ridiculousness, but this is the way we work and this is how we love our flavor of masala cricket. Sometimes, when there is some pressing need to do something or worse still, there have been cases when I was dying of hunger, but did that make me move? Hell no. Cricket is not just a game and IPL is the tastiest spice we have ever had.
Thanks to star sports, masala cricket just got spicier. Their fastest scorecard feature is probably one of the best features the lover of the game could have asked for. The world is constantly changing and so how could the gentleman’s game be left behind. Thanks to Star sports this game ahs seen some of the best changes and I here must take a pause because my favorite cricketers are out on the field and I pray to god, they are merciless like a lion on prowl. After all,

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