T20, IPL and Girls

Yes, I am a girl and yes I hoot for cricketers and no it is not only because of how they look. Obviously, I do love checking out some of the smartest looking handsome cricketers who could give Hollywood celebs a run for their money. But more than that, I like the way Maxwell flexes his muscles every time he tosses the ball for a six.

But, I am not a kings XI Punjab fan. Being a Kolkatan, I am a die hard KKR fan and I can’t help but smile when KKR steals victory from the jaws of defeat. Sure. We may not be trending on the top of the scorecard but that doesn’t deter my sprit. After all, T20 is all about pitching for your state and making sure you see them till the very end.

I have a list of some weird and crazy things I did when watching matches and when it comes to IPL, you would be mortified to hear some of them. I once accidentally hit the volume key to 95 when watching the game and right at that instant, Gambhir hit a brilliant six. That very instant I shouted that no one should change the volume anymore and though even my neighbors might have had issues with eardrums, we watched the whole match at that ear splitting volume. Talk about being crazy for matches.

Thanks to Star Sports I can really cherish my pleasure and fascination for the game. On days when I am stuck at office, it is their action recap feature that makes sure that I have the right access to the top shots which I should not have missed seriously. How I hate my office during IPL but thanks to Star Sports, I can at least watch the key shots and the big innings at least.

This post is a part of Cricket just got better! Activity by starsports.com in association with BlogAdda.com.


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