My Love For Masala Cricket

Are you a cricket crazy fan? Do you watch too much of the game? I cannot get myself to have the patience to sit for the entire length of a test match. But talk of T20 and I am blown by what this game has to offer. There are too many good things about it and the fact that IPL brings Bollywood and cricket together makes it an extremely dangerous and deadly combination which just cannot be missed.

As a die hard IPL fan, I can probably write a diary about the things that I have done… the things the rest of the world may call as crazy. It is needless to add that being from Calcutta, I am a KKR fan and thus I make it a point to fast on all those days when KKR has a game. I know they do not always win. But when they do, Boy my calorie counts end up increasing rather than burning because the joy that I feel is immense.

I love to fast as it is one way of praying to God and asking them to shower their blessings on my favorite TV. Apart from that, I have the habit of watching the top moments of the game time and again. Thanks to Star Sports and their zip clip feature, I can easily cherish this opportunity and make the most out of it.

I love the kind of presentation that Star Sports has shown and it has enlivened the way I look at the match. IL is one of the craziest and the hottest form of cricket at the moment. Girls can check out hot players and guys, well the cheerleaders keep the temperature blazing. My list of crazy things I did for IPL is embarrassingly long. I think this sneak peak should be enough to get you an idea of how weird I am.

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