Black Brilliance

So, black is definitely one of my favourite shades. It has too much class and elegance which makes me crave for this shade. I believe in the motto that whenever I have confusion, I can settle for black. Here is the list of five black things that I would love to own and oh I am going to swoon if I manage to get even half of this list.



Black Goggles

Now, you might be murmuring that all goggles are black, but hey have you seen some of the fluorescent shades in the market? No, I don’t want them. Thank you very much. I would still love my black aviators which will make me look like Jenifer Anniston. Okay, I can’t look like Anniston, but hey I could pretend.



Black Sofa

Now, which home is complete without the perfect sofa for relaxing? As I make my list for black things, I will add a shiny leather couch that has to be draped in the best shade of black. I am one of those who believe that a black sofa makes a killer impression. If not for anyone else, I would love being seated there with my beloved book.



Hand Bag

Which list is complete without the mention of a handbag? Women are made to love bags and I am no exception either. In my coveted list of back things, I would love to own a back hand bag. If I can have it from the posh brands like Jimmy Choo, I would die a peaceful death. If not, some other brands would do too as long as the bag is shiny black.




I absolutely love earrings. They have a charm of their own. I would love those big earrings that dangle from your ear and make men gape at us. If I can have a black earring to go with my stunning black dress, how I am going to be the party queen. Sigh dreams.



Black Nail Paint

To top my killer black look, I would want back nail paint which would make me look like the perfect princess except rather than being bathed in pink, I would be worshipping black.

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My Black Mania

Black is classy and elegant. If I were to list five black things which I covet, I can make my list in a jiffy because I have too many black beauties that I totally adore.

Black SUV

Is there anything that beats the class of a royal black car? You can choose any SUV model as long as it is a stunning shade of black and I will definitely love it. I would love a black Mercedes Benz because who doesn’t likes to go all glamorous and class, however when Mercedes doesn’t fits the budget, any other black SUV will work just fine. However if I could dream big, I would hit for the big black Mercedes Benz.

Black skirt

Now I have a huge wardrobe and I have a shopping disorder, but there is absolutely nothing that comes close to a black skirt. You will get the temperature soaring with a short black skirt.

Back stilettos

A girl is known by the class of her shoes. I want sassy and flirty shoes and nothing would be better than black stilettos. I have a huge lost of the brands I prefer staring from the affordable Carlton London to the really costly Jimmy Choo. Give me a brand you wish, but make the stilettos black and I am going to feel like I have been jumping in heavens.

Black watch

I am one of those girls who is really particular of the accessories she wears. I don’t fiddle with my choice of accessories for the simple reason that they are a part of my personality. I would die to have a black Omega watch because while watches tell what time it is, wearing an Omega is a proof that your times are rocking-ly brilliant. Omega watches speak of class and if it is black, you are going to be blissfully happy.

Black wig

So, this is quite a shocker in the list. But, hey I love my hair… I mean I love how they used to be. They have lost their lustre and shine and so it won’t hurt to have a shiny black wig that could make me look gorgeously beautiful. So, I would pick a stunning stylish black wig that would suit my style and persona.

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A brand new tablet and a lot of fun

I have always had a fascination for tablets and the latest in my acquisition is Dell venue 7.
Here, I will let you know the things I like about this all new tablet.

A big smooth screen

Dell venue 7 comes with a large screen. The touch sensitivity is extremely smooth and you will not face any issues in operating it. It came preconfigured with a lot of apps including hangout, Gmail, YouTube.
This list of preinstalled apps makes it a lot easier to operate as I could sync my Gmail account instantly without having to download it from the app store.

I was particularly excited about viewing my pictures on the tablet. I must say I was extremely impressed by what the tablet had to offer.
The clarity and resolution were impressive and I could go through the pictures and enjoy the beauty it evoked.
There were some very smooth transitions in between the pictures and the colors came out brilliantly. Even when it comes to the camera, I was really pleased by this model.
There are different types of filters that I could use and some of the filters helped me in clicking breathtaking pictures that looked like a shot from the postcard.

Apps, apps and more apps

Now, who here doesn’t loves app. It looks like it is the era of apps and there are so many choices that I just can’t stop myself from downloading them. From Facebook to twitter, Instagram, hangouts and so much more, I love all of them, I was initially a little skeptical because I thought that too many apps may slow down the tablet. But, you can leave all these worries aside because I have downloaded innumerable tablets and still my tablet works just fine.

The game freak

Now, I am not the world’s biggest game freak, but who doesn’t plays candy crush saga or even temple run? I mean, these are the games that make us cool. The games are such that it keeps you busy and occupied and so I instantly downloaded them the moment I had the tablet in my hand, I thought it might run slow, if it had slightly slower RAM. However, it wasn’t so. The games run perfectly fine and there is absolutely no lag whatsoever. All my games work fine and I am in love with what this tablet has to offer I recommend it even to die hard gamers because you will love the ease with which you can cherish its gaming prowess.
Overall, I must say that I was extremely happy with what this tablet had to offer. I have no complains so far as the operation has been really smooth and there were no performance issues either. The tablet did not hang and I could even play my favorite games without any hiccups. I am still exploring more of this tablet and I will update you with more features which this tablet by Dell has to offer.


My Zest, My Life

If I had to pinpoint 5 things/people/situations in my life that could add zest to my life, I could come up with this list.

Wild ride
I love the pump of adrenaline. It can make you forget every other worry in your life. I would love to go skydiving, bungee jumping or any kind of extreme sports where I could forget all my worries for a while.

Shop till you drop
This is one situation that will be an instant mood elevator. I love shopping and if I could shop and shop and shop, nothing is going to make me more happy. My zest levels are going to climb to the Mount Everest.

Pet dog
I don’t have a pet and I always craved to have a dog. There is something really cuddly and happy about having a pet. I have heard that dogs can sense your mood and they bring a lot of happiness. I am sure that I am never going to be depressed if I have a pet. I want to have a dog that I could call names and play with. I would share very single thing with my pet because I know once I have a pet, I can never part with him.
If I had a dog, I would definitely be in love with my life.

If I had to trace back some of my best memories, a lot of them would be with my friends. They make the journey of life worth cherishing. To increase the zest in life, I just cannot let them go. I want every single friend of mine to stay by my side, just like I would do with them. They are the gems which we earn in our life and they are meant to stay till the end.

My sister remains for me, the closest confidante and keeper of all my secrets. I cannot imagine going on with the work of my day to day life without her. She is one person who could tolerate me in my worst of moods and bring a smile by the day ends. Without her, even the happiest day will be clouded with sadness.

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Why I love Dell Venue Over My iPad Mini?

Here, I am going to talk about how Dell Venue 7 has been so far one of the best tablets I have used in recent times. I own an iPad mini, so I would be exaggerating if I tell that the performance exceeds even my iPad. It is definitely not so, but it would be so wrong to compare two devices that are not meant to compete against each other. Regardless, what struck me the most is the number of times I used my Dell tablet despite having an iPad with me.
When I thought to dig details of why I wanted to use the tablet, these are the points I came up with.
Android just feels home
Owning an android Smartphone ensures that there is something about android that feels like home. While it is wrong to write off iOS and it does have its own feel and charm, one cannot ignore the importance of android. As I spend half my day on my Smartphone, I was instantly addicted to the interface offered by Dell Venue 7. This tablet runs on android operating system and the entire interface is so smooth that you can’t help but love its use.
The icons have been neatly aligned and accessing your favourite icons is extremely easy. I was particularly impressed by the overall user interface of this tablet.
The perfect size
The size of this tablet makes it my go to choice. It is big enough to stand out from phones and give it the tablet look. At the same time, it isn’t so huge that it makes it difficult for the tab to fit in my palm. This is why I adore its use. Even when I am going out and I need a gadget apart from my smart phone, I have given dell venue 7 a preference over my iPad mini for the simple reason that the size is such that it fits in my bag perfectly. I don’t carry a duffle bag wherever I go and I have a hundred other things to keep too. This tablet fits perfectly in my midsized bag and leaves room for my other stiff too.
Now, I am a photo freak. The fact that I can’t really click a lot of them makes me a little upset. However, one of the things I truly love about this tablet is the huge filters you get with the camera. I love playing around with the camera and even editing pictures is such a cakewalk. Now, I love too many things about this tablet and I am looking forward to see what more features are a part of it.
If you are looking for an affordable tablet packed with smart features, you too should check it out. The price at which the tablet comes is incredible and I am going to recommend it to every single person who is a gadget freak but has their pocket to mind.


Yes, I am A FOODIE

“Who’s been your real true love?”

“Trust me, you don’t want to know”


“uhm.. you are going to react”

“Is it my boyfriend you’re talking about.. I am so going to kill you.”

“Hey, no! Stop!! I am not like that.. why would I ever do that? You’re my best friend”

“I know, I just told so because I knew now you will tell me who is your true love”

“okay, it is FOOD”


“I told you”



AHHHH everytime I told always, it reminded me of Severus Snape and Harry Potter and the lavish meals they always had right at the start of the morning. Look at my school, 15 minutes for lunch.. damn, it sucks being a muggle, Why couldn’t I be a wiz kid too? Look at those articulately laid feast.


You know why food is my favorite love?


IT doesn’t talks back.. it doesn’t fights… merely the smell brings me alive

The sight of food makes me think of things I might otherwise be ashamed to admit. When I see a slice of pizza, it feels like my whole world has come alive. The seasonings on top seems like the random showers that cut the heat which has been killing you.


Do you still want to know why i love food? It never judges me, never calls me ugly, never tells that i am fat and when i am eating it, it still believes in me, smiles at me and comes with me. My food will always be my food and anyone who comes near, the fork shall be pointed to you.


I could go on and on about how my love for food is greater than all the love this universe has seen, but i have a delectable dish of baked pasta waiting for me. Must cut this now and gobble the little beauty.


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Your Beauty Intoxicates Me

She stood there waiting for me

I kept coming near her

I have always loved her

Today, I was meeting her after long

Even an hour seemed like forever

I could not wait a moment more

I came in near

Her smell brought back all the memories

Ever since the childhood days

We’ve always been inseparable

I still remember the first time

We had first met

My mum says, it was her presence

That comforted me

And so I took her in

Her full sight

The luscious curves

The sinful shape

The dark color

The floating velvety mane

And then I touched it

As my hands slipped


then smoothly

Then quickly

And the whole of it

Melted inside me

The noodles- ah the bliss

Food is greater than LOVE

I can never have enough of it

I have always needed you

I always will

I may fall in love

With other people

But, no one will be

What you mean to me

My noodles, made by mum

The aroma picks me up

The sight instigates me

I want to savor every moment

And memorize the way you look




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