My Eternal Love- Be Mine

She was waiting for me.. She stood there and so was I. It was an eternal wait and I could not wait any longer. I realized now that Einstein  was so correct with his relativity theory. Every second seemed like forever.


I have heard of the phrase that when people get married and when the bride walks down the aisle, it is the look on the bridegroom’s face which can tell you how long the marriage will last. If you truly love someone, you can see the hunger in their eyes.



I always take that literally.


My mind failed to process anything beyond that.






I am known among my friends to share my stuffs religiously because ever since I was born, my dad has always told me why we need to share our stuffs. But, talk of food and NO, WHAT’S MINE STAYS MINE.


The eternal wait for my lover I was talking about is not any handsome prince. I am talking of FOOD.


FOOD has always been and shall forever be my first love.


I was looking sinfully at the deep frosted chocolate and I wont be ashamed to admit that I started hyperventillaitng. Yes, what love does to people, food does to me.


Right in front of my every eyes stood a thick sinful layer of chocolate cake, baked with all the love, but to be very true, even if my mum baked it with a scorn in her face and no trace of love, i would still be sold to it.


The black forest cake was layered with too much of cream and the extra chocolate sauce was a wild forest of a mess. I stood there, my hands frozen because i was falling in love too many times at the sight of this pure bliss of baked beauty.


These dates should never end.


This post is a part of My Beautiful Food hosted at IndiBlogger.

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