Yes, I am A FOODIE

“Who’s been your real true love?”

“Trust me, you don’t want to know”


“uhm.. you are going to react”

“Is it my boyfriend you’re talking about.. I am so going to kill you.”

“Hey, no! Stop!! I am not like that.. why would I ever do that? You’re my best friend”

“I know, I just told so because I knew now you will tell me who is your true love”

“okay, it is FOOD”


“I told you”



AHHHH everytime I told always, it reminded me of Severus Snape and Harry Potter and the lavish meals they always had right at the start of the morning. Look at my school, 15 minutes for lunch.. damn, it sucks being a muggle, Why couldn’t I be a wiz kid too? Look at those articulately laid feast.


You know why food is my favorite love?


IT doesn’t talks back.. it doesn’t fights… merely the smell brings me alive

The sight of food makes me think of things I might otherwise be ashamed to admit. When I see a slice of pizza, it feels like my whole world has come alive. The seasonings on top seems like the random showers that cut the heat which has been killing you.


Do you still want to know why i love food? It never judges me, never calls me ugly, never tells that i am fat and when i am eating it, it still believes in me, smiles at me and comes with me. My food will always be my food and anyone who comes near, the fork shall be pointed to you.


I could go on and on about how my love for food is greater than all the love this universe has seen, but i have a delectable dish of baked pasta waiting for me. Must cut this now and gobble the little beauty.


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