Your Beauty Intoxicates Me

She stood there waiting for me

I kept coming near her

I have always loved her

Today, I was meeting her after long

Even an hour seemed like forever

I could not wait a moment more

I came in near

Her smell brought back all the memories

Ever since the childhood days

We’ve always been inseparable

I still remember the first time

We had first met

My mum says, it was her presence

That comforted me

And so I took her in

Her full sight

The luscious curves

The sinful shape

The dark color

The floating velvety mane

And then I touched it

As my hands slipped


then smoothly

Then quickly

And the whole of it

Melted inside me

The noodles- ah the bliss

Food is greater than LOVE

I can never have enough of it

I have always needed you

I always will

I may fall in love

With other people

But, no one will be

What you mean to me

My noodles, made by mum

The aroma picks me up

The sight instigates me

I want to savor every moment

And memorize the way you look




This post is a part of My Beautiful Food hosted at IndiBlogger.

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