Why I love Dell Venue Over My iPad Mini?

Here, I am going to talk about how Dell Venue 7 has been so far one of the best tablets I have used in recent times. I own an iPad mini, so I would be exaggerating if I tell that the performance exceeds even my iPad. It is definitely not so, but it would be so wrong to compare two devices that are not meant to compete against each other. Regardless, what struck me the most is the number of times I used my Dell tablet despite having an iPad with me.
When I thought to dig details of why I wanted to use the tablet, these are the points I came up with.
Android just feels home
Owning an android Smartphone ensures that there is something about android that feels like home. While it is wrong to write off iOS and it does have its own feel and charm, one cannot ignore the importance of android. As I spend half my day on my Smartphone, I was instantly addicted to the interface offered by Dell Venue 7. This tablet runs on android operating system and the entire interface is so smooth that you can’t help but love its use.
The icons have been neatly aligned and accessing your favourite icons is extremely easy. I was particularly impressed by the overall user interface of this tablet.
The perfect size
The size of this tablet makes it my go to choice. It is big enough to stand out from phones and give it the tablet look. At the same time, it isn’t so huge that it makes it difficult for the tab to fit in my palm. This is why I adore its use. Even when I am going out and I need a gadget apart from my smart phone, I have given dell venue 7 a preference over my iPad mini for the simple reason that the size is such that it fits in my bag perfectly. I don’t carry a duffle bag wherever I go and I have a hundred other things to keep too. This tablet fits perfectly in my midsized bag and leaves room for my other stiff too.
Now, I am a photo freak. The fact that I can’t really click a lot of them makes me a little upset. However, one of the things I truly love about this tablet is the huge filters you get with the camera. I love playing around with the camera and even editing pictures is such a cakewalk. Now, I love too many things about this tablet and I am looking forward to see what more features are a part of it.
If you are looking for an affordable tablet packed with smart features, you too should check it out. The price at which the tablet comes is incredible and I am going to recommend it to every single person who is a gadget freak but has their pocket to mind.


One thought on “Why I love Dell Venue Over My iPad Mini?”

  1. Sounds like a great product. Have you tried reading articles or writing from it? Thinking of getting a Tab instead of a Kindle

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