A brand new tablet and a lot of fun

I have always had a fascination for tablets and the latest in my acquisition is Dell venue 7.
Here, I will let you know the things I like about this all new tablet.

A big smooth screen

Dell venue 7 comes with a large screen. The touch sensitivity is extremely smooth and you will not face any issues in operating it. It came preconfigured with a lot of apps including hangout, Gmail, YouTube.
This list of preinstalled apps makes it a lot easier to operate as I could sync my Gmail account instantly without having to download it from the app store.

I was particularly excited about viewing my pictures on the tablet. I must say I was extremely impressed by what the tablet had to offer.
The clarity and resolution were impressive and I could go through the pictures and enjoy the beauty it evoked.
There were some very smooth transitions in between the pictures and the colors came out brilliantly. Even when it comes to the camera, I was really pleased by this model.
There are different types of filters that I could use and some of the filters helped me in clicking breathtaking pictures that looked like a shot from the postcard.

Apps, apps and more apps

Now, who here doesn’t loves app. It looks like it is the era of apps and there are so many choices that I just can’t stop myself from downloading them. From Facebook to twitter, Instagram, hangouts and so much more, I love all of them, I was initially a little skeptical because I thought that too many apps may slow down the tablet. But, you can leave all these worries aside because I have downloaded innumerable tablets and still my tablet works just fine.

The game freak

Now, I am not the world’s biggest game freak, but who doesn’t plays candy crush saga or even temple run? I mean, these are the games that make us cool. The games are such that it keeps you busy and occupied and so I instantly downloaded them the moment I had the tablet in my hand, I thought it might run slow, if it had slightly slower RAM. However, it wasn’t so. The games run perfectly fine and there is absolutely no lag whatsoever. All my games work fine and I am in love with what this tablet has to offer I recommend it even to die hard gamers because you will love the ease with which you can cherish its gaming prowess.
Overall, I must say that I was extremely happy with what this tablet had to offer. I have no complains so far as the operation has been really smooth and there were no performance issues either. The tablet did not hang and I could even play my favorite games without any hiccups. I am still exploring more of this tablet and I will update you with more features which this tablet by Dell has to offer.


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