My Black Mania

Black is classy and elegant. If I were to list five black things which I covet, I can make my list in a jiffy because I have too many black beauties that I totally adore.

Black SUV

Is there anything that beats the class of a royal black car? You can choose any SUV model as long as it is a stunning shade of black and I will definitely love it. I would love a black Mercedes Benz because who doesn’t likes to go all glamorous and class, however when Mercedes doesn’t fits the budget, any other black SUV will work just fine. However if I could dream big, I would hit for the big black Mercedes Benz.

Black skirt

Now I have a huge wardrobe and I have a shopping disorder, but there is absolutely nothing that comes close to a black skirt. You will get the temperature soaring with a short black skirt.

Back stilettos

A girl is known by the class of her shoes. I want sassy and flirty shoes and nothing would be better than black stilettos. I have a huge lost of the brands I prefer staring from the affordable Carlton London to the really costly Jimmy Choo. Give me a brand you wish, but make the stilettos black and I am going to feel like I have been jumping in heavens.

Black watch

I am one of those girls who is really particular of the accessories she wears. I don’t fiddle with my choice of accessories for the simple reason that they are a part of my personality. I would die to have a black Omega watch because while watches tell what time it is, wearing an Omega is a proof that your times are rocking-ly brilliant. Omega watches speak of class and if it is black, you are going to be blissfully happy.

Black wig

So, this is quite a shocker in the list. But, hey I love my hair… I mean I love how they used to be. They have lost their lustre and shine and so it won’t hurt to have a shiny black wig that could make me look gorgeously beautiful. So, I would pick a stunning stylish black wig that would suit my style and persona.

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