Black Brilliance

So, black is definitely one of my favourite shades. It has too much class and elegance which makes me crave for this shade. I believe in the motto that whenever I have confusion, I can settle for black. Here is the list of five black things that I would love to own and oh I am going to swoon if I manage to get even half of this list.



Black Goggles

Now, you might be murmuring that all goggles are black, but hey have you seen some of the fluorescent shades in the market? No, I don’t want them. Thank you very much. I would still love my black aviators which will make me look like Jenifer Anniston. Okay, I can’t look like Anniston, but hey I could pretend.



Black Sofa

Now, which home is complete without the perfect sofa for relaxing? As I make my list for black things, I will add a shiny leather couch that has to be draped in the best shade of black. I am one of those who believe that a black sofa makes a killer impression. If not for anyone else, I would love being seated there with my beloved book.



Hand Bag

Which list is complete without the mention of a handbag? Women are made to love bags and I am no exception either. In my coveted list of back things, I would love to own a back hand bag. If I can have it from the posh brands like Jimmy Choo, I would die a peaceful death. If not, some other brands would do too as long as the bag is shiny black.




I absolutely love earrings. They have a charm of their own. I would love those big earrings that dangle from your ear and make men gape at us. If I can have a black earring to go with my stunning black dress, how I am going to be the party queen. Sigh dreams.



Black Nail Paint

To top my killer black look, I would want back nail paint which would make me look like the perfect princess except rather than being bathed in pink, I would be worshipping black.

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