My experience so far

Ever since I have laid my hands on Dell tablet, I can’t have enough of it. I thought why not share a review of how I found it to be. Are you tired of those technical reviews that have so many jargons that it bounces off your head leaving you with no clue to understand what it truly means?

Do not worry. This is one such review where I won’t speak about the intricate technical details rather I will concentrate on the core use value. This is one of the most crucial aspects of a review I believe.

A tablet may come loaded with some of the smartest specifications, but as long as you are not enjoying its use, is it going to really make you happy and serve the right need? Thankfully the Dell venue tablet 7 has given me a lot of smiles so far.

My tablet has been designed in such a way that it is extremely easy to hold. I have no apprehensions when it comes to holding it. It isn’t bulky which means that I can easily lift it up and carry it wherever I go. I really detest the tablets that are too big and too bulky for their own good. Such tablets give me a headache because how am I supposed to use one when it barely fits in my hand. At the same time, when I have a tablet, I don’t want it look like a phone either.

After I am content with the size and weight, I then concentrate on the display. Now, I am one of those who really love brightness. I mean if the pictures don’t make me feel good, half my love for a gadget is gone. This time, I had some seriously high expectations from Dell Venue 7 and once again, I have to say that it did not disappoint me. The colours are pretty good and I really loved the way it looked.

The icons are all neatly aligned and how I loved checking out my own pictures. Now, don’t call me narcissist, but boy when I saw the captures from my favourite trip, how they panned on the screen and I might have been gazing at the albums for an excess of two hours or more.

This is not all as I have so many other beautiful things to point out. However, good things take time and so we will venture into more details in subsequent review as I will take you on a journey on how amazing the tablet has been for me. So far, I totally love using it and I am hopeful you are going to love it too. With the affordable pricing, it seems like it is definitely one of the best products in the market so far. So what are you waiting for? You can try it out too and check out if you like this smart tab and affordable rate that seemed to have fulfilled my purpose of using it at least.


3 thoughts on “My experience so far”

  1. Thanks soo much for this review, I would get so confused with all the tech jargon people usually use! I like that it’s easy to carry, I didn’t wanna buy a tab thinking it wont fit in my purse. Where can I check out the tab, do you hv the link?

  2. Ohh good! Finally a review I can understand perfectly.. I was looking for a good tab to buy, and I think I have found the one – Dell! Thanks to you!

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