Diwali- Time To Be HOME

Of all the different festivals that I celebrate, it is Diwali that I love the most. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights marks the beginning of the New Year in the Hindu calendar. However, this isn’t why it is one of my favourite festivals.
Diwali is one such festival that is known to bring some of the brightest smiles on some of the most sorrowful faces. When you see a child happily bursting crackers, you can’t help but get nostalgic of the times you did the same. However, Diwali is a festival that most of all takes me back to the time when home meant the world to me.
As I grew up, the responsibilities grew more and so I had another life outside my home. Going to work takes its toll and so often, all you want to do is give up everything and get back into the same cocoon which the world calls at home. Regardless of where you work and which stream you are in, firms in India have holidays reserved for Diwali – why? Because, it is the festival that brings in joy and is meant to be celebrated with family.
Diwali is a festival people rarely celebrate alone. It is the festival that has the feeling of home etched in it. You will love the smell of memories it brings. Some of us do not believe in firing crackers because we are going green; it doesn’t matters. Crackers or no crackers, Diwali is a festival that will make your heart happy because you see so many people and relatives and you all sit down and recollect memories of the bygone times.
This Diwali, I am going to go back to my own home, get my heart mushy and believe in all the wonders which a happy home speaks of. For a few days, I am going to forget all the stress of my work life and merely sit back with the people who are my world. Sometimes we are so busy making a life that we often forget living one. It is time that you too do your bit. Get back to your home this Diwali and let the feeling of love surround you so that you know that the happiest moments of life are not spent in claustrophobic office cubicles, but amidst warm embraces of people who make a building HOME. Home is much more than a place; it is an abode of happy dreams; a place that brings to you the comfort when the rest of the world leaves you alone. Family is the treasure that stays by in the darkest hours and so when you celebrate the festival of lights, do it with the ones who mean the world to you.
Get mushy with this video and get home to celebrate DIWALI.

Offical link: https://www.gharwalidiwali.com/

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