It’s My Day Today

“Honey, what’s the day today?”

It was the third time she had asked this question and she was still to receive a response. The face which was jubilant with excitement a few moments back was beginning to get sad with every passing moment. Was it so easy to fall out of love? Is this the reason so many marriages fail?

Saira thought that she might just be over analyzing things and having her very own “girl moment” and so with a big gulp of breath and keeping all those questions and doubt aside, she called out,

“Honey what’s the day today?”

Zaheer turned around and with a annoyed look murmured,

“I told you I have a big presentation today, could we play the guessing game later in the evening, please? I am sick of answering the stupid questions Saira. Why do you have to be so girly all the time?”

She turned around, silently sobbing. Her dreams of having the big date in their third anniversary crashed like the waves that beat on the shore. Maybe, the fire in their relationship has died.

Zaheer went to his office and Saira returned to her silent home perusing through their album. The pictures spoke of love. Every one of them showed the two of them intertwining fingers, touching each other and looking deep inside the soul. There was a time when she didn’t need to ask him the date or he didn’t need to profess his love, the way he touched him was enough to know that she was the only star in his galaxy.

How she wished she could do something to #BringBackTheTouch. As she was busy pondering over the wrong routes of her relationship, she got a call. It was Zaheer asking him to carry his file to his office. His voice had the same annoyance like before and he was in a hurry. Tired of being the doormat, Saira took her own sweet time dabbing parachute advanced body lotion and applying an extra layer of makeup.

As she entered the place, she found Zaheer brisking up and down the stairs. However, all it took was one look of her soft glowing skin and she could once again find the same hunger tear him alive.

She didn’t speak.

He didn’t utter a word.

All he did was kiss her hard and hot. Sometimes love isn’t demonstrated by the murmurs of “I love you.” She knew that the touch was back. He nibbled her right in the middle of his own office and then threw the keys and shouted, “Work can wait. It’s my marriage anniversary today. “

With that he lifted Saira in his lap and let his touch rekindle the romance. For Saira, it was a perfect #BringBackTheTouch moment.

Official link: here

The hashtag:  #BringBackTheTouch

Watch the official video here.


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