Say It Out. Speak.

It is so easy to shift blame on someone, but when it comes to actually doing something concrete, each one of us tends to take a backseat. Why is it so? Perhaps, it has been a part of human psychology. However, now is the time that we truly did bring about the change we have always envisioned!
Take out time from your busy schedule and explore the lack of cleanliness which we have in our country. Bother asking yourself who is responsible or it? You could tell a hundred names and say that you found Chintu’s aunty dumping waste on the roads in the morning or even Rohan’s mummy disposing the litter without caring to walk another mile to place it in the dustbin or if you are a little more honest, you could say, it is because you stood there watching all of it and not caring enough to speak, to make your voice counted, to ask them to do what they were supposed NOT to do.
Yes, I am at fault and so far, I have remained blind to my own mistake. As I stumbled upon this brilliant #AbMontuBolega campaign organized by Strepsils, I realized where the true mistake was. This campaign shows how Montu will now refuse to remain a mute spectator. He is going to speak and make others realize that merely shouting for a cleaner India is not going to make it happen. If you want a cleaner country, it is time you own up for your action. This campaign has been wonderfully designed and is asking the masses to make a mark.
If, we the people, set out to own for our own mistakes and if we take the pledge not to be the cause of lack of cleanliness and if you can raise your voice and make sure that the messages keeps spreading, the day won’t be far when you will look around to find not a speck of dirt in and around your area.
The campaign has got some really amazing response on its Facebook and Twitter pages and I am going to do my bit too. For too long, I have remained a mute spectator only to realize that this is not how things roll. This is not the way things are going to get better. Silence may be golden, but there are places when you truly need to speak and if you choose to stay quiet, you are just being a part of the same crowd which you will be picking on later for being wrong. So, stop the blame game today and speak out. Do your bit and let others know why they should do too. By being a mute witness to wrong deeds, you are a part of the mistake too.
It is your time to speak up too. Make yourself counted speak up, be heard. Contribute. Let us pledge for a cleaner India.

Strepsils official site: here

Catch them on their Facebook page: here

Catch them on their Twitter link: here


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