I Won Over My FEAR!

“Have you ever been scared in your life?”

This is one question which I have been asked too many times and sadly my answer has always been YES. I have been scared of so many things that too many times, I felt depressed about myself. However, one of the biggest lessons which I have learnt in life is to win over my fears.

It is okay to be scared because fear is nothing but another part of your emotions. However, you need to know that you are larger than your fear. You have to win over them. As long as you are winning over your fears, you are clinching the race of life.

Here I am going to share with you a story of how I overcame my fear because I knew it was the right thing to do. While the incident might not be something hugely striking; but, it did teach me a lot about life.

I have an uncanny fear of dogs. While I love seeing pictures of them but as soon as I find one near me, it makes me go in frenzy. I tried all possible methods to get over the fear, but none of them had worked. It is not like I don’t love dogs, but merely being close to them made me shiver and tremble.

However, once when I was jogging in the park early in the morning on a cold wintery day, I found a stray dog lying underneath the bench. There was no one else around and the dog seemed to be panting very hard. Owing to my fear of dogs, I dared not go closer. However, as I turned around to jog on the other side of the park, I found a pool of blood and I realized that the dog was bleeding badly as well.

I was torn amidst my love for dogs and the fear I had as well. In that very instant, I knew that fear is nothing but a mental belief. I had to cross that edge because if I chose to remain a slave to my fear, I would end up doing nothing and the regret of not saving a life will not let me live in peace.

I would not exaggerate and tell you that it was easy because every step which I took towards the dog was breathtakingly fearsome. My heart was thudding so loudly in my chest that it drowned the sound of everything else. However I knew that once I made a commitment; it must be kept. So, I took another leap and then another until it kept on being added.

Finally, the moment I tried to touch the dog, he barked and my whole body went numb. It was the point of complete panic and in that moment, I knew, I would either break my fear forever or my fear is going to turn into a phobia. I chose to break the shackles and slowly tried to pet him. He settled down and I took him in my lap and dialed the number of the nearest pet rescue unit. The rest they say is history.

While it was just a dog, but this incident made me learn that life is about winning those little battles and making a difference.

My inspiration for this post comes from Mountain Dew who always promote the need to win over your fear.


Official Link: https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewindia

You can watch their inspiring film here.


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