Truth Saves Lives!

I would be lying if I told you that I never lied. On too many occasions, I find myself slipping a little lie because come on it’s easy to cheat, isn’t it?
Well, sometimes, life ends up teaching you a lesson and you just know that regardless of how easy lying may be, truth always has its own rewards.
One such incident that left a mark in my life happened like this.
When you just enter college, there is a lot of excitement among students to “try” out new things. It is the “rebellion” years because we literally hate anyone lecturing us. We feel like we are the best judge and I too was one of these stereotypes.
Unluckily for me, I fell into bad company. One day, we decided to go hiking in the wild. I knew my parents would permit for hiking; however, we weren’t returning after that. One of my friend told that he had an exciting plan for us and we should all say that we would crash at one of ours’ place for the night.
While it was a little hard for me to convince my parents for night stay, they eventually agreed because their child’s happiness was all that mattered to them.
I did feel bad for betraying their trust, but what could I possibly say? I didn’t even know what we were doing.
As I went out that day, I felt like crying. It was not like I had never lied before, but somehow the guilt was too heavy for my own comfort. However, as I had no opinion, I strolled out. When I reached the trekking place, I could no longer hold it in and I left a text message to my mom explaining the whole thing and saying sorry. I was too scared to call her up. However, she instantly replied back asking me about the exact address and to keep her updated and asked me to take care. Suddenly, I knew that I would now be truly enjoying the trip. I called her later, said sorry and we were chirping again. However, I had no clue of the night ahead of me.
Our friend got us all drunk- that was his idea of fun. We were high and we sat at the bonfire, playing truth and dare. None of us were in our true senses and so we didn’t pay heed to the weather alert.
My phone beeped a lot of times but I never paid heed to the same. It was my mum calling. The area was under high storm alert.
My dad called up the family of other friends and they all came down to pick us. The storm had grown and it was one heck of a night.
Had I not spoken the truth, we all might have died in the wilderness because we were all too drunk to walk leave alone run.
Sometimes truth can save lives and now I know how!

Watch this video by Kinley.


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