Quick Look At Quikr Nxt

How often do you use Quikr? It is one of my favorite sites because come to think of it, I have sold so many useless items and bought lots of new ones; with the money I made by selling old ones off. I really love Quikr and I am a regular at their site. When I came to know about Quikr Nxt and how the site is willing to walk the extra mile to ensure that we could enjoy even better services, my joy absolutely knew no bounds.
Quikr Nxt basically allows you to talk over chat and you can share pictures easily. You no longer need to share your contact credentials with potential buyers instantly because the web interface offers you a chat facility that allows easy communication of the parties involved. Now, what are the three reasons that makes me think this is the best feature one could ask for? Let us get down to the details.
Privacy concerns: there has been a lot of rumors regarding how people were disturbing those who listed ads by simply using the numbers to make fake calls. This is seriously disturbing and hence the introduction of a chat portal would curtail the need to share the contact. Once this happens, it will bring in a lot more people to Quikr who stayed away because they were apprehensive of sharing their contact details.
Sharing pictures: too many times, you end up losing on good potential customers simply because they need a little more convincing and a little extra transparency. Pictures are what could have come to your rescue. When you are talking over phone to discuss the details, it isn’t really possible to share real time pictures. However, the option of a chat interface means that you could share real time pictures and thereby gauge the reaction of your buyer instantly. This is likely to help in improving the overall conversion rate significantly.
Backup: finally, I love the fact that I would have all the details of the conversations that took place. Playing the blame game is very common these days and it is hard to prove your point when the whole conversation had taken place over a phone call. Thankfully, with the chatting facility, you will have the chat conversation with you to prove the point.
Obviously, those who are still willing can definitely go ahead and share their contact as well. This is definitely the kind of feature that seems to have added a layer of extra flexibility and this is why I am too excited to make my next sales on Quikr.
Are you excited to know more about it? Why are you waiting? Click this link here and get enlightened ad spread the joy.


Pimples and Dimples

You know what’s the most terrible word of all times? If someone asked me what the most haunted nightmare is, there is just one thing which comes to my mind clearly – this is without a doubt, ACNE! Acne and pimples have too often devastated too many plans and made my days worse in ways more than one.

I vividly recall how I was so upset during my college farewell because dearest acne chose to pop up and leave its mark all over my face right the day before my farewell. Seriously God, could you have sketched a little better plan for me? I hid myself from all the pictures and today when we are nostalgic of our college days, all of us go through the farewell pictures and voila surprise, I am not there in any of them! So blah.

Dearest pimple, thank you for stealing the dimple of my life.

Back in my college times, I had absolutely no idea of this miracle which comes in the form of Garnier pure active neem. Trust me; I was so tired of trying endless face wash and acne treatment. None of it worked. All they did was made my blood boil and my heart break.

This is why I was a little skeptical of using Garnier pure active neem. However, I am really happy that I chose to take one little risk and when I tried Garnier pure active neem, I was seriously impressed. My grannie always used to narrate the tales of how neem is the ultimate cure of all kind of skin troubles.

My grandma’s stories always impressed me and her *tips* have always helped me sort out the problem. So, the million dollar question was whether or not Garnier pure active neem will be able to live up to the expectations which I had from it.

I am not going to exaggerate here but my pimples which were really stubborn started to fade. It wasn’t a miracle as it took as much as 7 days to completely clean the pimples off my face. When I looked at my face in the mirror, I almost kissed my own face. I might not look so pretty, but the sight of a pimple –less face made me cry in delight. I kissed my reflection and Garnier pure active neem and jumped up in delight.

I would recommend Garnier pure active neem to every single girl who is tired of obsessing over her pimple covered face! Try this; I am sure you are going to kiss yourself too. Kisses and love. Show off your dimples and bid goodbye to the pimples.

Check this link here and even the link here.

Balancing My And

When you are growing up, you might have found too many stereotypes. Girls in particular in the Indian society need to go through a lot of different stereotypes. Right from the time they are born, they might find themselves picking the choices they may not love to have. So, what is the solution for all this dilemma?
The answer lies in breaking the stereotypes and choosing to embrace more than one shade. You need to believe in yourself and your choices if you love to embrace more than one shade, you should be willing to do so. There was a time when I was told that you could either be creative or nerdy. Right from the very beginning, I was forced to either pick one of the two.
It took me some time to come to the conclusion that nerds are creative too. I loved my textbooks, but I wanted to embrace my creative side too. This is why I decided to choose my and and I started working on my creative aspects along with the focus on my educational aspect too. When I was in standard 10, I had my board exam and my family members asked me to abandon my love for novels, poetry and even fiction. I was told that you could either be successful in your exam or you could go adrift and pick these lines. It was a very hard decision for me to make. But in the end, I realized that it is never about picking one of the two. If my passion lies in two diverse areas, I could always make it work and so I did. I went on to work upon the different ways by which I could integrate both my passion and I secured a very cool 90 percent in my boards and even completed my book challenge of reading 30 books a year. Apart from that, my poetry collection touched 50 poems the same year.
I chose my AND. You should too!

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And I Pick And

When we grow up, too often we are forced choices. You are supposed to consider yourself lucky, if you are at all offered a choice because too many times, people don’t even get a chance to pick.

However, I didn’t want to settle with the choices that were offered. I wanted something that wasn’t on the menu; I wanted more than one thing, why should life be reduced to an either/or situation when there is something called “AND”.
I realized pretty early that if I really wanted something, I had to go on my terms and make it happen. My family told me not to study arts, there isn’t much scope.
Either take up commerce or science, you will have a career. Why? Why should I let you pick my choices? What if I don’t want to fall in these brackets?
As I wasn’t sure of myself that time, I chose science and went on to become an engineer.
The love in a heart never dies. My love for arts kept on flourishing and soon I started freelancing as a writer. Why pick a corporate job exclusively when I could be an engineer and a writer.
I chose my and because I loved wearing twin shades. I am proud of who I am and not sorry for taking such a roundabout turn.
I would not wish my life to take other turns because I am proud of the choices I took. I don’t believe that we are meant to pick only one of the different shades we could be. Feel free to wear as many shades as that which fits your personality and then be who you are. Trust me, you are going to love your own reflection and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is happy and proud of who she is.
I choose to have twin careers because choices do not make us, we make our choices! Be proud of the things you do!
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The War Of Two Asus Gadgets

When it comes to gadgets, we always have too many choices and this often makes it hard for me to come to a decision as to which would be the model I should buy for myself. Here, I am going to take a look at two of the top trending models of today times and then decide which among the two seems to be apt for my use.
First of all, let us pick ASUS EeeBook X205TA as this is one of the most talked of model by Asus currently.
The reasons as to why I love this piece are numerous and I will share the same here. Ffirst of all, it rates very high on the style factor. It comes in some really exciting and bold shades. It is light in weigh and therefore very easy to carry. The display seems to be perfect. With 29.4 cm, you will be able to view your pictures and enjoy the videos with ease.
The processor is smartly built and I am a hundred percent sure that using this device is not going to lead to any issues. I hate the devices which have a slow startup time and which gives troubles when you are running more than one operation. I have always had a love for multitasking because it is insane to waste time when we have so little time and so much to do. This model has been designed to handle different applications together and so it does seem to fulfill my agenda. Further, it is the right pricing which gives me another reason as to why I crave to own this model by Asus. It is priced conveniently at 14,999 INR and I seriously think that an offer just can’t get better.
However, before I finalized my mind, I landed up on another choice. The other model which I am talking about is ASUS All In One PC ET2040. As I was thinking of replacing my work PC, this one seems to be the apt choice which I could ask for. This is an extremely powerful computer which seems to be packed with the best specifications. It comes with an option of backup power which will prevent the trouble of data loss. This is a significant feature as I know the dilemma of losing hours and hours of work. Further, it comes with ultra USB 3.0 with faster charging options which is a bonus for me. The in-built HDMI port along with the crystal clear display are other reason which makes me wish I could own this piece too. Overall, the specifications of this model are impressive enough to invest in it.
So, I am going to work a little harder, earn more money and then buy both of them because it is hard to choose the better one from two best pieces.


The Love That Lasts A Lifetime

Proposing to your crush! Sigh, the topic itself is too good to make me drool. With Valentine’s Day round the corner, my mind is buzzing with too many thoughts inside my mind. As I was looking for ways which could help me propose to my big crush, I have come up with some big crazy ideas and let me share the same with you.
I have always been a big drama queen and I love the surprises and big thrills. So, on this Valentine’s Day, I have thought of popping the big question. It is a common tradition to find that boys ask girls the big question, but I am not the one who is going to wait so long that another girl sweeps in and makes my love story hers.
So, I am going to feign that I have fallen ill and I will get a friend call up my crush and ask him to come at a certain place so that he could take care of me as the “little me” had fainted. I know that my crush secretly has a crush on me (sigh, wishful thinking) and so he will run to the place of rescue as quickly as possible.
When he arrives there, I am going to disappear in the tiny cafe on the same street. People will continue to misguide him until he finds himself pinned inside the cafe. Once in there, he is going to have the surprise of his life as I am going to decorate the whole place with banners that say “YES”. Three letters and one word speak more than a lifetime of love. He is going to be confused but I will get him seated on the fifth table because this is where we met.
By now, I am sure he is going to smile and have some idea of the things happening inside. As the whole table is going to be bathed in red and will have little cute banners of ‘yes’ hanging over, I will come in wearing the same dress which he had gifted me a year back. I shall look him in the eye and whisper, “I have always loved you babe and it is time we make it official. Is it a yes for you because it has always been a yes for me?” Just as I complete my sentence and wait for him to answer back, I have an orchestra lined up which will play our favorite song on the radio.
This is going to complete the overall plan and I will love the whole ambience. Proposing at the same place where we met is going to add to the charm which I have always loved. So, as I fall in love and love the way my love story unfolds, I am hopeful I will have another beautiful tale to share.
This post is inspired by cupid games by Closeup.


A New Home, A New Story

When I came across the prompt as to how could bangalore.quikr.com help me relocate to Bangalore easily, I knew I had tones of information to share. I once helped my friend out for the same thing and so I am well aware of how much of an asset Quikr could really be.
When you click bangalore.quikr.com, you will come across a handful of different categories and it is entirely upon you to pick the ones which you want. Ideally, when you are relocating, real estate is going to be the first category which you are going to explore.
However, when I and my friend were going through the same, she already had an apartment, so we navigated directly to jobs. She was on the lookout for the right kind of job that she could do when she was in Bangalore.
As we filtered through the job section, we found a lot of wonderful listings which were great. She perused through some of them and even applied for the same. Those who are still a student and do not want to disrupt their learning process can surf through the education and learning listings and this is going to give you a lot of options as well.
Quikr in particular amazes me with the neat interface they have and the amount of ad listings they can offer. My friend is an avid pet lover as she had more than 4 dogs at one point of time. She was too keen on having a pet in Bangalore to keep her company in a new city. We went through the pets categories and not only did she find the best pet to have but at the same time, she also found listings for the right pet products as well.
She did tell me over the phone as to how life seemed a lot mess lonely when she had a pet in a new city. Friends would come in a while, but in the initial days, it was her dog that became her companion. Those who are looking to find a partner can take a look at the matrimonial category. In short, Quikr is going to offer you every single thing when you are looking to relocate to a new place. It can be the guide that will help you in every way and thereby make things a lot better for you to handle.
As my friend was moving alone, she was much tensed as to how she would manage all of it. However thanks to Quikr, she had absolutely no troubles managing all of it. These days, she not only has a good well paying job, but at the same time, she is very happy with her well settled life and she makes sure to thank both me and Quikr for the easy transition.