The Love That Lasts A Lifetime

Proposing to your crush! Sigh, the topic itself is too good to make me drool. With Valentine’s Day round the corner, my mind is buzzing with too many thoughts inside my mind. As I was looking for ways which could help me propose to my big crush, I have come up with some big crazy ideas and let me share the same with you.
I have always been a big drama queen and I love the surprises and big thrills. So, on this Valentine’s Day, I have thought of popping the big question. It is a common tradition to find that boys ask girls the big question, but I am not the one who is going to wait so long that another girl sweeps in and makes my love story hers.
So, I am going to feign that I have fallen ill and I will get a friend call up my crush and ask him to come at a certain place so that he could take care of me as the “little me” had fainted. I know that my crush secretly has a crush on me (sigh, wishful thinking) and so he will run to the place of rescue as quickly as possible.
When he arrives there, I am going to disappear in the tiny cafe on the same street. People will continue to misguide him until he finds himself pinned inside the cafe. Once in there, he is going to have the surprise of his life as I am going to decorate the whole place with banners that say “YES”. Three letters and one word speak more than a lifetime of love. He is going to be confused but I will get him seated on the fifth table because this is where we met.
By now, I am sure he is going to smile and have some idea of the things happening inside. As the whole table is going to be bathed in red and will have little cute banners of ‘yes’ hanging over, I will come in wearing the same dress which he had gifted me a year back. I shall look him in the eye and whisper, “I have always loved you babe and it is time we make it official. Is it a yes for you because it has always been a yes for me?” Just as I complete my sentence and wait for him to answer back, I have an orchestra lined up which will play our favorite song on the radio.
This is going to complete the overall plan and I will love the whole ambience. Proposing at the same place where we met is going to add to the charm which I have always loved. So, as I fall in love and love the way my love story unfolds, I am hopeful I will have another beautiful tale to share.
This post is inspired by cupid games by Closeup.


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