The War Of Two Asus Gadgets

When it comes to gadgets, we always have too many choices and this often makes it hard for me to come to a decision as to which would be the model I should buy for myself. Here, I am going to take a look at two of the top trending models of today times and then decide which among the two seems to be apt for my use.
First of all, let us pick ASUS EeeBook X205TA as this is one of the most talked of model by Asus currently.
The reasons as to why I love this piece are numerous and I will share the same here. Ffirst of all, it rates very high on the style factor. It comes in some really exciting and bold shades. It is light in weigh and therefore very easy to carry. The display seems to be perfect. With 29.4 cm, you will be able to view your pictures and enjoy the videos with ease.
The processor is smartly built and I am a hundred percent sure that using this device is not going to lead to any issues. I hate the devices which have a slow startup time and which gives troubles when you are running more than one operation. I have always had a love for multitasking because it is insane to waste time when we have so little time and so much to do. This model has been designed to handle different applications together and so it does seem to fulfill my agenda. Further, it is the right pricing which gives me another reason as to why I crave to own this model by Asus. It is priced conveniently at 14,999 INR and I seriously think that an offer just can’t get better.
However, before I finalized my mind, I landed up on another choice. The other model which I am talking about is ASUS All In One PC ET2040. As I was thinking of replacing my work PC, this one seems to be the apt choice which I could ask for. This is an extremely powerful computer which seems to be packed with the best specifications. It comes with an option of backup power which will prevent the trouble of data loss. This is a significant feature as I know the dilemma of losing hours and hours of work. Further, it comes with ultra USB 3.0 with faster charging options which is a bonus for me. The in-built HDMI port along with the crystal clear display are other reason which makes me wish I could own this piece too. Overall, the specifications of this model are impressive enough to invest in it.
So, I am going to work a little harder, earn more money and then buy both of them because it is hard to choose the better one from two best pieces.


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