Pimples and Dimples

You know what’s the most terrible word of all times? If someone asked me what the most haunted nightmare is, there is just one thing which comes to my mind clearly – this is without a doubt, ACNE! Acne and pimples have too often devastated too many plans and made my days worse in ways more than one.

I vividly recall how I was so upset during my college farewell because dearest acne chose to pop up and leave its mark all over my face right the day before my farewell. Seriously God, could you have sketched a little better plan for me? I hid myself from all the pictures and today when we are nostalgic of our college days, all of us go through the farewell pictures and voila surprise, I am not there in any of them! So blah.

Dearest pimple, thank you for stealing the dimple of my life.

Back in my college times, I had absolutely no idea of this miracle which comes in the form of Garnier pure active neem. Trust me; I was so tired of trying endless face wash and acne treatment. None of it worked. All they did was made my blood boil and my heart break.

This is why I was a little skeptical of using Garnier pure active neem. However, I am really happy that I chose to take one little risk and when I tried Garnier pure active neem, I was seriously impressed. My grannie always used to narrate the tales of how neem is the ultimate cure of all kind of skin troubles.

My grandma’s stories always impressed me and her *tips* have always helped me sort out the problem. So, the million dollar question was whether or not Garnier pure active neem will be able to live up to the expectations which I had from it.

I am not going to exaggerate here but my pimples which were really stubborn started to fade. It wasn’t a miracle as it took as much as 7 days to completely clean the pimples off my face. When I looked at my face in the mirror, I almost kissed my own face. I might not look so pretty, but the sight of a pimple –less face made me cry in delight. I kissed my reflection and Garnier pure active neem and jumped up in delight.

I would recommend Garnier pure active neem to every single girl who is tired of obsessing over her pimple covered face! Try this; I am sure you are going to kiss yourself too. Kisses and love. Show off your dimples and bid goodbye to the pimples.

Check this link here and even the link here.


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