Quick Look At Quikr Nxt

How often do you use Quikr? It is one of my favorite sites because come to think of it, I have sold so many useless items and bought lots of new ones; with the money I made by selling old ones off. I really love Quikr and I am a regular at their site. When I came to know about Quikr Nxt and how the site is willing to walk the extra mile to ensure that we could enjoy even better services, my joy absolutely knew no bounds.
Quikr Nxt basically allows you to talk over chat and you can share pictures easily. You no longer need to share your contact credentials with potential buyers instantly because the web interface offers you a chat facility that allows easy communication of the parties involved. Now, what are the three reasons that makes me think this is the best feature one could ask for? Let us get down to the details.
Privacy concerns: there has been a lot of rumors regarding how people were disturbing those who listed ads by simply using the numbers to make fake calls. This is seriously disturbing and hence the introduction of a chat portal would curtail the need to share the contact. Once this happens, it will bring in a lot more people to Quikr who stayed away because they were apprehensive of sharing their contact details.
Sharing pictures: too many times, you end up losing on good potential customers simply because they need a little more convincing and a little extra transparency. Pictures are what could have come to your rescue. When you are talking over phone to discuss the details, it isn’t really possible to share real time pictures. However, the option of a chat interface means that you could share real time pictures and thereby gauge the reaction of your buyer instantly. This is likely to help in improving the overall conversion rate significantly.
Backup: finally, I love the fact that I would have all the details of the conversations that took place. Playing the blame game is very common these days and it is hard to prove your point when the whole conversation had taken place over a phone call. Thankfully, with the chatting facility, you will have the chat conversation with you to prove the point.
Obviously, those who are still willing can definitely go ahead and share their contact as well. This is definitely the kind of feature that seems to have added a layer of extra flexibility and this is why I am too excited to make my next sales on Quikr.
Are you excited to know more about it? Why are you waiting? Click this link here and get enlightened ad spread the joy.


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