Buying Cars On Quikr Nxt

It was just yesterday when I sat down with my dad and pleaded him to change the car. I mean it’s been ages since we have been travelling in the age old Alto and everything comes with its own deadline and our car could almost pass as a heritage, it seemed.

However, as we spoke about the possible car models we could buy, we soon found ourselves troubled with the problem of budget. My father didn’t want to spend unnecessarily and that too, a lot of money. It was then that I stumped him, with my immaculate knowledge and showed him the incredible world of Quikr Nxt.

Quikr NXT is an online ad platform where I found a huge number of listings related to cars. There were so many ads that I spent more than a couple of hours looking through them. My dad was shocked to find some second hand cars that were in a way better condition than what we had and it was sensible enough to upgrade our car get something so stylish, fashionable and classy and that too at the right prices.

Though, dad was pretty excited, he has always been a little skeptical of online shopping. He asked me not to share my number because you never know who is on the other side of the deal. This is when I explained about the excellent chat feature offered by Quikr NXT. With this chat feature, you no longer need to share our number instantly. You can talk to the seller, ask about all the details and discuss the main agenda.

We shortlisted three ads and we discussed the through details with the seller. One among them sent us pictures of his cars from different angles and I must say not just myself, but my dad was so impressed as well. It really feels like Quikr NXT has taken online shopping to the next level. We took all the details and the seller was happy enough to share his expertise with us. When we were finally convinced, we ended up getting a second hand car that looked far better than what we owned. My dream of having my favorite car is now a reality.

Next week, I am going to put my car for sale too and with that money, I will help out my dad by further keeping the budget in check. Operating Quikr NXT is so easy; you are most likely to get hooked to it; once you start using it. It is truly a revolution in the way we have been envisioning shopping. With so many amazing features at your hand, you no longer need to head out and stand at showrooms any longer because everything can be done right from the confines of your home.


My Bedtime Buddy

Little ones can easily bring a smile on your face, but when it comes to making them smile, you might find yourself facing one of the biggest challenges of all time.

My sweet little cuddly buddly baby gets impatient when I am busy in the kitchen serving dinner at night. I have made it a habit of giving him a foam wash before going to bed. A little bit of powder and baby cream makes his skin soft as feather and his pleasant smell makes me go wow. The pampers diaper is then wrapped around his cute bums and it makes him look so sweet that I cannot stop myself from showering kisses on him. It keeps him dry and soft all night. He feels comfortable and sleeps peacefully. It keeps him irritation free. While doing all this, I keep talking to him about my day and I literally tell him everything good and bad that I witnessed the entire day. He gives all those cute expressions as if trying to understand my problems. I swear at that very moment I feel I am the luckiest person on earth who has the most precious possession.

We both watch his favourite cartoon show (although he doesn’t understand anything). He giggles watching it and that gives me immense pleasure. I can spend hours watching him giggle and smile. Yes! He’s my life. To save his eyes from strenuous watching, I gradually shift his focus from the television screen and so despite being a terrible singer, I still sing some of the most adorable baby rhymes for him. I know I am a pathetic singer but my baby loves it and I love doing it for him.

Swaying him in my arms comes next. A sweet song with melodious swaying helps him fall asleep. Watching him sleep peacefully, I feel so blessed and happy that all my tiredness fades away eventually.

It is also a part of my everyday routine to thank God for giving me such a precious gift and also pray for my baby’s well being. I have made it a habit of doing all this every day until he grows up. These will be the moments I will cherish during my old age. Moments spent with my little one. Moments that will last forever.

What do you do as a bedtime ritual? Remember regardless of how tiring your day may be, if there is one thing you need to be sure, it has to be that your baby gets a complete sleep, devoid of uneasiness. With pampers to keep him dry and my love to keep him safe, we share all these sweet rituals which ensures the two of us can have the perfect night.

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Time For The Bucket Conquering Spree

Ever craved to get back to your bucket list and fulfill all of it? Imagine a situation where you can live a life without the need to worry about what and how tomorrow is going to be. In such a case, will you not itch to fulfill some of the items in your bucket list?

Here are a few I am going to work upon as it will help me live the life; I have often lived in my dreams.

For the love of nature

Hill stations have always been my calling. How I wish my life becomes free of any botheration and I get a chance to visit Kashmir. I have heard lots about this place, have seen pictures when my friends visited Kashmir and it has been my utmost desire since then. Calling out my name standing on the edge of a hill, enjoying the vast pastures, inhaling the smell of flowers and withstand the chilling cold, yes I am gonna do all this.

Fly like a bird

Sky diving! Yes the word itself makes me go crazy. I am not much into sports but sky diving is certainly my thing. It is the wildest desires of all and I will surely make it happen one day. What a feeling one would get flying all the way from such great height, fluttering and falling, losing all fears, feeling like a free bird. Sigh, merely thinking about it is sending me in frenzy right now.

Party all night!

Sounds crazy, right?
But when you live in a joint family with members poking you every now and then regarding your actions, then a night party shouldn’t be on your dictionary. If life gives me a chance, I will spend an entire night drinking, partying, enjoying with my buddies. Disco has always been a dream. Why not make it true? I can’t wait to rock my day by having a night I will always remember. I want to awaken the beast in me.

The true trekking diaries

Camping with my best friend! What an adventure it will be. I swear I can beg for it. A week with my crazy buddy amidst a dense forest without any communication. Woah! Gives me goosebumps. I have always been a wildlife lover. Who knows this adventure trip may help me find friends and make so many memories that I shall always smile thinking of it :P.

Oh Pretty Pooh

Winnie the Pooh! I love him so much that I want to live the character. I actually want to spend a day dressed up as Pooh, sharing joy, happiness and love all over. I want to live carefree, no worldly pleasures, nothing material, just smiles everywhere. Now this is living life befikar. Yes! Pooh does that 😛

That is what sums up my big bucket list. What is your list?

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Asus Zenfone – An ideal Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is often a very sad realization for many because not having a date can come to prick you. However, here I am going to offer you an excellent way to get a date and be happy. Seriously? Do not believe me? Read on and by the end of this post, you too will be convinced as to why you should pick my valentine!

Reason #1: Unconditional love

What is the first thing you want in your date? Unconditional love? Tell me yes because this is the right answer. If you date your Asus Zenfone, you are sure to receive unconditional love. Your phone is never going to judge you and shall love you back, regardless of how you look. Whether you are in your pajamas or decked up in fancy attire, your Asus Zenfone is going to love you exactly for who you are. Need more convincing?

Reason # 2: pictures make memories

Don’t we all love to capture memories with the help of perfect pictures? Once again, it is Asus Zenfone which will come to your rescue. The Asus Zenfone 6 comes with 13 MP primary camera which helps you click some wonderful selfies which will make your day. Seriously, what’s not to date then?

Reason #3: no heated arguments

While I love the whole theory of being in love with someone, I totally detest arguments. They make me crappy and I get too offended. When I am busy dating Asus Zenfone 6 or even Zenfone5, I can be happy that my phone is not going to argue with me. It shall do what I say and sometimes that is all we need to be happy and pleased. You can ask your phone to let you play games and nobody is going to question you. At the same time, you can plug in your earphones and devote an hour to music and the Zenfone shall still not complain. Such a pretty doll, isn’t it?

Reason #4: stylish and sexy

Come on. Don’t kid me, we all know as to how much we crave to have a hot date. The Asus Zenfone 6 looks stunning with a 6 inches capacitive touch screen and a powerful gorilla glass 3 as well. The moment you look at this phone, your heart is going to melt in a hundred different pieces and you will witness the kind of strong attraction which you did, every time your college crush used to walk by you. Oh God, I have a hard time staying composed as I write this. Seriously, go, go grab your valentine!

Reason #5: Love is blind

Now, we all know that love is truly blind and this is why you should not judge whom you are picking. You can always date your phone and the beauty of the same will keep your spirits up. So, if you spent your 14th February sulking all alone, it is time to make the change and embrace the adage of love is blind.
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