Asus Zenfone – An ideal Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is often a very sad realization for many because not having a date can come to prick you. However, here I am going to offer you an excellent way to get a date and be happy. Seriously? Do not believe me? Read on and by the end of this post, you too will be convinced as to why you should pick my valentine!

Reason #1: Unconditional love

What is the first thing you want in your date? Unconditional love? Tell me yes because this is the right answer. If you date your Asus Zenfone, you are sure to receive unconditional love. Your phone is never going to judge you and shall love you back, regardless of how you look. Whether you are in your pajamas or decked up in fancy attire, your Asus Zenfone is going to love you exactly for who you are. Need more convincing?

Reason # 2: pictures make memories

Don’t we all love to capture memories with the help of perfect pictures? Once again, it is Asus Zenfone which will come to your rescue. The Asus Zenfone 6 comes with 13 MP primary camera which helps you click some wonderful selfies which will make your day. Seriously, what’s not to date then?

Reason #3: no heated arguments

While I love the whole theory of being in love with someone, I totally detest arguments. They make me crappy and I get too offended. When I am busy dating Asus Zenfone 6 or even Zenfone5, I can be happy that my phone is not going to argue with me. It shall do what I say and sometimes that is all we need to be happy and pleased. You can ask your phone to let you play games and nobody is going to question you. At the same time, you can plug in your earphones and devote an hour to music and the Zenfone shall still not complain. Such a pretty doll, isn’t it?

Reason #4: stylish and sexy

Come on. Don’t kid me, we all know as to how much we crave to have a hot date. The Asus Zenfone 6 looks stunning with a 6 inches capacitive touch screen and a powerful gorilla glass 3 as well. The moment you look at this phone, your heart is going to melt in a hundred different pieces and you will witness the kind of strong attraction which you did, every time your college crush used to walk by you. Oh God, I have a hard time staying composed as I write this. Seriously, go, go grab your valentine!

Reason #5: Love is blind

Now, we all know that love is truly blind and this is why you should not judge whom you are picking. You can always date your phone and the beauty of the same will keep your spirits up. So, if you spent your 14th February sulking all alone, it is time to make the change and embrace the adage of love is blind.
Gift yourself some love and date your very own Asus Zenfone. Watch this lovey dovey video here.

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