Time For The Bucket Conquering Spree

Ever craved to get back to your bucket list and fulfill all of it? Imagine a situation where you can live a life without the need to worry about what and how tomorrow is going to be. In such a case, will you not itch to fulfill some of the items in your bucket list?

Here are a few I am going to work upon as it will help me live the life; I have often lived in my dreams.

For the love of nature

Hill stations have always been my calling. How I wish my life becomes free of any botheration and I get a chance to visit Kashmir. I have heard lots about this place, have seen pictures when my friends visited Kashmir and it has been my utmost desire since then. Calling out my name standing on the edge of a hill, enjoying the vast pastures, inhaling the smell of flowers and withstand the chilling cold, yes I am gonna do all this.

Fly like a bird

Sky diving! Yes the word itself makes me go crazy. I am not much into sports but sky diving is certainly my thing. It is the wildest desires of all and I will surely make it happen one day. What a feeling one would get flying all the way from such great height, fluttering and falling, losing all fears, feeling like a free bird. Sigh, merely thinking about it is sending me in frenzy right now.

Party all night!

Sounds crazy, right?
But when you live in a joint family with members poking you every now and then regarding your actions, then a night party shouldn’t be on your dictionary. If life gives me a chance, I will spend an entire night drinking, partying, enjoying with my buddies. Disco has always been a dream. Why not make it true? I can’t wait to rock my day by having a night I will always remember. I want to awaken the beast in me.

The true trekking diaries

Camping with my best friend! What an adventure it will be. I swear I can beg for it. A week with my crazy buddy amidst a dense forest without any communication. Woah! Gives me goosebumps. I have always been a wildlife lover. Who knows this adventure trip may help me find friends and make so many memories that I shall always smile thinking of it :P.

Oh Pretty Pooh

Winnie the Pooh! I love him so much that I want to live the character. I actually want to spend a day dressed up as Pooh, sharing joy, happiness and love all over. I want to live carefree, no worldly pleasures, nothing material, just smiles everywhere. Now this is living life befikar. Yes! Pooh does that 😛

That is what sums up my big bucket list. What is your list?

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