My Bedtime Buddy

Little ones can easily bring a smile on your face, but when it comes to making them smile, you might find yourself facing one of the biggest challenges of all time.

My sweet little cuddly buddly baby gets impatient when I am busy in the kitchen serving dinner at night. I have made it a habit of giving him a foam wash before going to bed. A little bit of powder and baby cream makes his skin soft as feather and his pleasant smell makes me go wow. The pampers diaper is then wrapped around his cute bums and it makes him look so sweet that I cannot stop myself from showering kisses on him. It keeps him dry and soft all night. He feels comfortable and sleeps peacefully. It keeps him irritation free. While doing all this, I keep talking to him about my day and I literally tell him everything good and bad that I witnessed the entire day. He gives all those cute expressions as if trying to understand my problems. I swear at that very moment I feel I am the luckiest person on earth who has the most precious possession.

We both watch his favourite cartoon show (although he doesn’t understand anything). He giggles watching it and that gives me immense pleasure. I can spend hours watching him giggle and smile. Yes! He’s my life. To save his eyes from strenuous watching, I gradually shift his focus from the television screen and so despite being a terrible singer, I still sing some of the most adorable baby rhymes for him. I know I am a pathetic singer but my baby loves it and I love doing it for him.

Swaying him in my arms comes next. A sweet song with melodious swaying helps him fall asleep. Watching him sleep peacefully, I feel so blessed and happy that all my tiredness fades away eventually.

It is also a part of my everyday routine to thank God for giving me such a precious gift and also pray for my baby’s well being. I have made it a habit of doing all this every day until he grows up. These will be the moments I will cherish during my old age. Moments spent with my little one. Moments that will last forever.

What do you do as a bedtime ritual? Remember regardless of how tiring your day may be, if there is one thing you need to be sure, it has to be that your baby gets a complete sleep, devoid of uneasiness. With pampers to keep him dry and my love to keep him safe, we share all these sweet rituals which ensures the two of us can have the perfect night.

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