Umpteen Reasons For Food

I have a fetish for cooking and I love the praises that pour in after I make a really delicious meal. However even the best cooks will find it hard to cook for themselves because cooking and food is something which you enjoy when you have company.

This is why when I heard of Guptaji’s nashta, I was excited beyond words. I wanted to go to Guptaji’s home for lip smacking nashta because of too many reasons.

First of all, you need to know that I absolutely love food; almost all kind of food. When it comes to breakfast, I like eating a king sized meal after all, I have been without food for nearly 10 hours. So, if going to Guptaji’s would mean packing my stomach with some really yummy meals, why would I even think again?

As I was surfing through the different choices, I was amazed at the amount of options and variety which they have to offer. I must shamelessly admit that I did steal quite a few recipes because who doesn’t likes trying out some incredibly tasty stuff.

Next, I would love to go to Guptaji’s home for that really amazing crush vala nashta. I mean it has chocolate in it. Talk of chocolate and I could get ready to sell my kidney. Okay, may be that was a little too much, but hey, it is the sentiments that count. I absolutely love the creativity in that recipe and if Guptaji could serve that first crush vala nashta, my day, week, month and even year would be so glorious that I could practically feel that I bagged an Oscar.

Last but not the least, I would head to Guptaji’s place because I love Kellogg’s and I love when people get creative with food. I love the idea of sting down with people, gossiping about the latest buzz in the locality and taking one’s own sweet time to munch down their favourite breakfast and I love when neighbours are more than just neighbours as you always have the power to choose a family. I love the whole idea of having people you could fall back on to satiate the never ending hunger pangs and if it comes with some deliciously rich breakfast, we really cannot complain at all.

These are some of my reasons as to why I would love to head to Guptaji’s home. To be very honest, I really don’t need a reason as long as there is food. There is something so satisfying about eating a good meal that it cannot be expressed in words. Add to this the fact that Kellogg’s is actually a healthy meal which means that not only it keeps me happy, but it also keeps my mom off my back with her lectures on good food.

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Peppy, Happy!

I have always loved the happiness of staying happy. There are too many things that make me happy and merely listing down the little facts paint a big smile on my little face. On this international day of happiness, I want to recollect and share those little and big things that have always made me smile.

Happiness is waking up and feeling that the day is going to be great. Happiness is when I open my eyes and wake up to a beautiful surprise on a random day because your family just loves to celebrate life. I am really happy that I was brought up in a family that always smelled of love.

Life is a little journey and we should all try our best to make it as happy as we possibly can. Happiness is not always bagging a big lottery. It is that random prize which someone gives you because they like the way you carry yourself. I get happy when my sister hugs me for no reason and murmurs that she loves me. I get happy when my friends call me without any pretext and tell me that they miss me. Happiness is when my parents look at me and tell me that they are proud of who I turned out to be.

If you sit down and think, you do not really need a lot of things to be happy about. Being happy is more of a choice than a decision. When you are happy, you will bring happiness all around you. I could list a hundred more reasons for the sake of being happy. I am sure that each one of us has our own reasons.

I love being bright and happy and even if I am going through some really tiring times, I can still spot a happy sign and paint a little smile. For me, happiness is about living a life you will be proud of. I feel happy looking at people who are happy too because happiness is an infectious disease, it spreads from one happy person to another.

I feel happy for being with the people I love, for living the life I got and for choosing the dreams I dreamt. So far, I have no regrets and that is reason enough to be happy. I may look a little bookish and dreamy but if this is what it takes to be happy, I am happy that I chose this.

I would love to know what makes you happy. Happiness is recollecting the things that made me happy and of course grabbing a cold drink right in the middle of the summer heat as well.

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Love Happens!

When love takes over nothing else matters. Yes! I was that kind of girl who was madly in love with my guy. Everything was lovely and beautiful in our relationship until the day it dawned on me that he was cheating on me. Just like a branch suddenly falls off from the tree when it gets windy, my heart left its place and fell down. It shattered into pieces. Just like a baby keeps crying for hours when his mother is away, I cried all my way back to home. With Kajal and mascara smeared all over my face I entered my home. My sister had always warned me regarding him. As soon as I faced her, I broke into loud cries and she understood the entire matter. That was a moment. Moment which taught me that there are certain people in my life who love me like I am a part of their soul. I realized that my sister didn’t ask me a single question and even then she knew the reason I was crying. That very moment gave me the courage. I stopped crying, washed off my face, changed into some comfortable clothes and took a decision. I won’t cry for him instead I will laugh for her. We dug out old albums from cartons that had our old stuffs. I laughed my heart out recalling memories from the childhood. We found an old cake recipe which we had tried when we were kids. Instantly it clicked to both of us that we should try our hands on the recipe. It again turned out to be a mess and we enjoyed the cooking time. Finally after few more experiments, we ordered pizzas online and downloaded our favorite movie. The entire day passed and I felt like I had just spent few hours #together. My sister then went off to sleep taking a promise from me that I won’t cry. I was feeling content that day. That was the day I realized that love is not just between a boy and a girl. When you can spend time with someone not caring about how you are looking that is love. When the person understands you without you uttering a single word that is love. When you can laugh, smile, giggle and forget your pain in fraction of seconds that is love. I slept peacefully with no regrets, no pain, no anger and just smiles. I had not lost my love that day, I had actually found one. Just like they say, love finds you when you are not looking for it. Being with my sister realized, life is so much more than being sad over a lost love. I learnt how to look up.

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Bolder Yet Better

Living in a joint family gives you plenty of reasons to enjoy and stay happy but then as said everything has its own pros and cons, such is the case with joint families too. Millions of restrictions and plenty of rules, yes that happens to be the greatest con of living in a joint family.

I share a great rapport with my cousins and they are no less than friends. I always had the notion that who needs friends when one has cousins like these but then a love life is a must.

My family never told me not to have guy friends but, I never saw any of my cousins doing so. May be they never disclosed it just like me. We have been groomed so since birth. Honestly I never spoke to guys till class 10. When I went for tuitions and classes in class 11, I started talking to guys and it just felt normal. But I never had the guts to disclose this in front of any family member. I had this notion in my mind that I am not allowed to talk to guys.

Talking to a guy secretly was still ok but falling for one was a difficult task for me. Yes, it happened. I started developing feelings for that special guy in my friends group and then gradually we went into a relationship.

I was always close to my dad and literally shared all my thoughts and feelings with him. It always pinched my soul when I realised that I have been hiding facts from my dad. One sudden day, I thought why not talk to dad regarding my feeling. Falling in love is not a sin. He will obviously understand. But I couldn’t gather courage. Days passed on and then came my 20th birthday. I entered my dad’s room early morning and told him that I am in a relationship since 2 years.


But it was more shocking for me when he started asking me the guys whereabouts and then I didn’t realize that I started describing his looks. My dad was so cool about it. I felt like I was a fool all these years. So often we are scared of what others would think and we do not even realize that the ones we love do not judge us for our choices.

Yes, it did take me a lot of courage. I had to muster every single ounce of strength. For others t may seem to be a very ordinary thing, but when you love someone, you are always scared to break their trust. I knew I wasn’t wrong and perhaps that is where I gained my strength. Today I am happy I chose to confide in my dad after all, where there is love, there is trust.

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Pretty Perfect Princess Baby

Every time I think about babies, I giggle with happiness. My baby is my life. She is a part of my soul. I see my childhood in her. My mom often tells me that I used to look the same when I was little. I wonder whether she will resemble me even when she grows up. Obviously, I need to wait because these are the things only time will tell. Regardless of whether she looks the same or not, my love for her is going to increase every day because being a parent teaches you what selfless love is all about.
Well, I don’t know about the future but as of now I enjoy and live every moment of my daughter’s childhood. The best thing about her is that she rarely cribs. My friends and colleagues get jealous because they always keep complaining about sleepless nights and tiresome days. May be I am blessed or may be me and little princess have a special connection. This kind of connection ensures that I can spend a lot of great time, some of the best moments of my life are spent with my princess and I am sure life has a lot more moments planned for us.
A tender touch makes her laugh. She enjoys a lot when I sing rhymes for her with all those funny actions and gestures. Well I love doing that for her. Every time she smiles when I sing to her makes my heart so much happier. I can die for that smile on her pretty face.
Sundays are super fun days for her. The special Sunday bath in her favourite bathtub makes her happy. She splashes water all over me.
We both enjoy each other’s company while shopping. Yes, I know she is too small to shop and I didn’t mean it literally but whenever I sit down for some online shopping; she gets excited and keeps pointing at different stuffs which I end up buying.
Ice creams and chocolates! Her second best buddies (first being her mumma :P). I love watching her when she enjoys her time having ice creams and chocolates. She looks even cuter when chocolates get smeared on her face and hands and she playfully licks her fingers.
Winnie the pooh is her favourite. Any little pooh toy can make her day bright. I also loved pooh, so this trait is obviously hereditary :P.
I have heard people complaining about babies crying all night. My princess sleeps peacefully all night. Thanks to Pampers baby dry. It keeps her dry thus relieving her from rashes and the discomfort of being wet. Every child deserves a happy morning, every child deserves pampers baby dry.
I don’t mind behaving like a child, if it brings a smile on my baby’s face.

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Happiness Is A Choice

These days, it is so easy to be depressed about trivial stuff. Our life has gotten a too fast, but it feels like our mind has become really slow. It is time we need some catching up to do. Here, I am going to talk of one such incident which taught me so much about life that it did leave me with a new standpoint.

I vividly recall the day when I was out shopping and I was busy throwing a tantrum. I am a diehard shopaholic which means that I really get enraged if I am unable to buy the things I crave for. Mostly, my parents understand my obsession for buying stuff and they have come to terms with the fact that I am going to splurge on an equal number of useless items. However, once in a  while, they feel the need to discipline me and thus my mother rebuked me for my shopping spree and refused to let me buy that yellow top which I had ogled like it was the last piece of cake and I was a hungry kid.

No doubt, this gesture didn’t sit well with me and so I started throwing fits. I was terribly sad and wondered if my mother really did love me. She wasn’t sure of what to do to remedy the situation. Though she kept explaining me the reasons, I turned a deaf ear to the same. It was then that she taught me a lesson in a way only mums could.

The next day, she asked me to accompany her to her society meet. Reluctantly, I agreed to drive her. On the way, she stopped at an orphanage. There she asked me to call the little girl who was practically dancing with joy. My mother gave her one of my very old dresses which I hadn’t worn for more than three times in four years. The girl was happy beyond words and thanked me umpteen times. I asked her how could she be so happy seeing an old dress and she told,

“This isn’t old, this is new. You might have worn it a few times but that doesn’t makes it old to me, I have seen it for the first time and it is new to me.” The girl was abandoned by her parents and grew up at this orphanage. Despite the vile destiny which God had penned for her, the smile she wore was more angelic than anything I have ever seen. My mother told me, this is why she brought me here. Happiness is a choice we need to make. So often, we find ourselves fussing over the things we do not get that we forget to thank God for the little he has chosen us to give.

At that moment, looking at that little girl bubbling with happiness at the sight of an “old/new” dress, I knew that there is still a lot of love and happiness in the world. Sometimes, you need another pair of eyes to marvel the beauty which life has. This incident filled me with hope and love because I knew, one of the biggest lessons of life lies in being happy.

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Mom Is The WORD

Every time I sit back to reflect at the roads of my life I realize that I owe a larger part of who I am to my mother. Without her, I would have been nothing but flesh and bones and a lifeless mass of living being. Ever since I was born, I have been ill for long duration of times. Owing to this illness, I could never devote too much time to my studies which inferred that I always had a lot of catching up to do during exams.

I still recall how my mother left all her chores and kept on working with me, trying to teach me the lessons and make me feel at ease. I often got confused as to who had a tougher time during my exams. My mother seemed to work equally hard, if not harder.

She not only helped me with my lessons and studies, but at the same time, she made it a point to take good care of my health. She always told me that there was no pressure to get good grades because knowledge isn’t merely defined by the scorecard. Life is so much more than one single examination; yet one should try their best and the rest is up to the Gods.

It was this love and confidence which she had in me that gave me the belief that I could defy the odds. I did what she told me and soon I started recovering. My body started showing signs of strength and the lethargy and general body weakness symptoms which I had began fading.

My grades kept getting better and finally, when I received a scholarship for my college; I looked at my mom and her face was bubbling with happiness. She told me that long back when I was terribly sick, she knew even then that I will always be a fighter and one day, I will prove to the world that the destiny is not always written in the stars but in our own hands. You can carve your own destiny. Today, I am no longer afraid of adverse situations in life. I have gone through my share of ups and down and having my mother beside me has taught me that no matter how large my fears are, I am strong enough to win over them. The confidence which I have is only because my mom had the confidence in me. Sometimes it takes another person to believe in you to shape your dreams the way you want it to be. She molded me to what I am today and I know I will keep on pushing myself a little more every time because this is what life is; knowing that you must succeed because you can.

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