Mom Is The WORD

Every time I sit back to reflect at the roads of my life I realize that I owe a larger part of who I am to my mother. Without her, I would have been nothing but flesh and bones and a lifeless mass of living being. Ever since I was born, I have been ill for long duration of times. Owing to this illness, I could never devote too much time to my studies which inferred that I always had a lot of catching up to do during exams.

I still recall how my mother left all her chores and kept on working with me, trying to teach me the lessons and make me feel at ease. I often got confused as to who had a tougher time during my exams. My mother seemed to work equally hard, if not harder.

She not only helped me with my lessons and studies, but at the same time, she made it a point to take good care of my health. She always told me that there was no pressure to get good grades because knowledge isn’t merely defined by the scorecard. Life is so much more than one single examination; yet one should try their best and the rest is up to the Gods.

It was this love and confidence which she had in me that gave me the belief that I could defy the odds. I did what she told me and soon I started recovering. My body started showing signs of strength and the lethargy and general body weakness symptoms which I had began fading.

My grades kept getting better and finally, when I received a scholarship for my college; I looked at my mom and her face was bubbling with happiness. She told me that long back when I was terribly sick, she knew even then that I will always be a fighter and one day, I will prove to the world that the destiny is not always written in the stars but in our own hands. You can carve your own destiny. Today, I am no longer afraid of adverse situations in life. I have gone through my share of ups and down and having my mother beside me has taught me that no matter how large my fears are, I am strong enough to win over them. The confidence which I have is only because my mom had the confidence in me. Sometimes it takes another person to believe in you to shape your dreams the way you want it to be. She molded me to what I am today and I know I will keep on pushing myself a little more every time because this is what life is; knowing that you must succeed because you can.

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