Happiness Is A Choice

These days, it is so easy to be depressed about trivial stuff. Our life has gotten a too fast, but it feels like our mind has become really slow. It is time we need some catching up to do. Here, I am going to talk of one such incident which taught me so much about life that it did leave me with a new standpoint.

I vividly recall the day when I was out shopping and I was busy throwing a tantrum. I am a diehard shopaholic which means that I really get enraged if I am unable to buy the things I crave for. Mostly, my parents understand my obsession for buying stuff and they have come to terms with the fact that I am going to splurge on an equal number of useless items. However, once in a  while, they feel the need to discipline me and thus my mother rebuked me for my shopping spree and refused to let me buy that yellow top which I had ogled like it was the last piece of cake and I was a hungry kid.

No doubt, this gesture didn’t sit well with me and so I started throwing fits. I was terribly sad and wondered if my mother really did love me. She wasn’t sure of what to do to remedy the situation. Though she kept explaining me the reasons, I turned a deaf ear to the same. It was then that she taught me a lesson in a way only mums could.

The next day, she asked me to accompany her to her society meet. Reluctantly, I agreed to drive her. On the way, she stopped at an orphanage. There she asked me to call the little girl who was practically dancing with joy. My mother gave her one of my very old dresses which I hadn’t worn for more than three times in four years. The girl was happy beyond words and thanked me umpteen times. I asked her how could she be so happy seeing an old dress and she told,

“This isn’t old, this is new. You might have worn it a few times but that doesn’t makes it old to me, I have seen it for the first time and it is new to me.” The girl was abandoned by her parents and grew up at this orphanage. Despite the vile destiny which God had penned for her, the smile she wore was more angelic than anything I have ever seen. My mother told me, this is why she brought me here. Happiness is a choice we need to make. So often, we find ourselves fussing over the things we do not get that we forget to thank God for the little he has chosen us to give.

At that moment, looking at that little girl bubbling with happiness at the sight of an “old/new” dress, I knew that there is still a lot of love and happiness in the world. Sometimes, you need another pair of eyes to marvel the beauty which life has. This incident filled me with hope and love because I knew, one of the biggest lessons of life lies in being happy.

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