Pretty Perfect Princess Baby

Every time I think about babies, I giggle with happiness. My baby is my life. She is a part of my soul. I see my childhood in her. My mom often tells me that I used to look the same when I was little. I wonder whether she will resemble me even when she grows up. Obviously, I need to wait because these are the things only time will tell. Regardless of whether she looks the same or not, my love for her is going to increase every day because being a parent teaches you what selfless love is all about.
Well, I don’t know about the future but as of now I enjoy and live every moment of my daughter’s childhood. The best thing about her is that she rarely cribs. My friends and colleagues get jealous because they always keep complaining about sleepless nights and tiresome days. May be I am blessed or may be me and little princess have a special connection. This kind of connection ensures that I can spend a lot of great time, some of the best moments of my life are spent with my princess and I am sure life has a lot more moments planned for us.
A tender touch makes her laugh. She enjoys a lot when I sing rhymes for her with all those funny actions and gestures. Well I love doing that for her. Every time she smiles when I sing to her makes my heart so much happier. I can die for that smile on her pretty face.
Sundays are super fun days for her. The special Sunday bath in her favourite bathtub makes her happy. She splashes water all over me.
We both enjoy each other’s company while shopping. Yes, I know she is too small to shop and I didn’t mean it literally but whenever I sit down for some online shopping; she gets excited and keeps pointing at different stuffs which I end up buying.
Ice creams and chocolates! Her second best buddies (first being her mumma :P). I love watching her when she enjoys her time having ice creams and chocolates. She looks even cuter when chocolates get smeared on her face and hands and she playfully licks her fingers.
Winnie the pooh is her favourite. Any little pooh toy can make her day bright. I also loved pooh, so this trait is obviously hereditary :P.
I have heard people complaining about babies crying all night. My princess sleeps peacefully all night. Thanks to Pampers baby dry. It keeps her dry thus relieving her from rashes and the discomfort of being wet. Every child deserves a happy morning, every child deserves pampers baby dry.
I don’t mind behaving like a child, if it brings a smile on my baby’s face.

Watch this video here.


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