Bolder Yet Better

Living in a joint family gives you plenty of reasons to enjoy and stay happy but then as said everything has its own pros and cons, such is the case with joint families too. Millions of restrictions and plenty of rules, yes that happens to be the greatest con of living in a joint family.

I share a great rapport with my cousins and they are no less than friends. I always had the notion that who needs friends when one has cousins like these but then a love life is a must.

My family never told me not to have guy friends but, I never saw any of my cousins doing so. May be they never disclosed it just like me. We have been groomed so since birth. Honestly I never spoke to guys till class 10. When I went for tuitions and classes in class 11, I started talking to guys and it just felt normal. But I never had the guts to disclose this in front of any family member. I had this notion in my mind that I am not allowed to talk to guys.

Talking to a guy secretly was still ok but falling for one was a difficult task for me. Yes, it happened. I started developing feelings for that special guy in my friends group and then gradually we went into a relationship.

I was always close to my dad and literally shared all my thoughts and feelings with him. It always pinched my soul when I realised that I have been hiding facts from my dad. One sudden day, I thought why not talk to dad regarding my feeling. Falling in love is not a sin. He will obviously understand. But I couldn’t gather courage. Days passed on and then came my 20th birthday. I entered my dad’s room early morning and told him that I am in a relationship since 2 years.


But it was more shocking for me when he started asking me the guys whereabouts and then I didn’t realize that I started describing his looks. My dad was so cool about it. I felt like I was a fool all these years. So often we are scared of what others would think and we do not even realize that the ones we love do not judge us for our choices.

Yes, it did take me a lot of courage. I had to muster every single ounce of strength. For others t may seem to be a very ordinary thing, but when you love someone, you are always scared to break their trust. I knew I wasn’t wrong and perhaps that is where I gained my strength. Today I am happy I chose to confide in my dad after all, where there is love, there is trust.

Did you do anything bold which makes you proud of who you are? Do let me know! Watch this wonderful video by Housing which shall give you the inspiration to #StartANewLife

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