Love Happens!

When love takes over nothing else matters. Yes! I was that kind of girl who was madly in love with my guy. Everything was lovely and beautiful in our relationship until the day it dawned on me that he was cheating on me. Just like a branch suddenly falls off from the tree when it gets windy, my heart left its place and fell down. It shattered into pieces. Just like a baby keeps crying for hours when his mother is away, I cried all my way back to home. With Kajal and mascara smeared all over my face I entered my home. My sister had always warned me regarding him. As soon as I faced her, I broke into loud cries and she understood the entire matter. That was a moment. Moment which taught me that there are certain people in my life who love me like I am a part of their soul. I realized that my sister didn’t ask me a single question and even then she knew the reason I was crying. That very moment gave me the courage. I stopped crying, washed off my face, changed into some comfortable clothes and took a decision. I won’t cry for him instead I will laugh for her. We dug out old albums from cartons that had our old stuffs. I laughed my heart out recalling memories from the childhood. We found an old cake recipe which we had tried when we were kids. Instantly it clicked to both of us that we should try our hands on the recipe. It again turned out to be a mess and we enjoyed the cooking time. Finally after few more experiments, we ordered pizzas online and downloaded our favorite movie. The entire day passed and I felt like I had just spent few hours #together. My sister then went off to sleep taking a promise from me that I won’t cry. I was feeling content that day. That was the day I realized that love is not just between a boy and a girl. When you can spend time with someone not caring about how you are looking that is love. When the person understands you without you uttering a single word that is love. When you can laugh, smile, giggle and forget your pain in fraction of seconds that is love. I slept peacefully with no regrets, no pain, no anger and just smiles. I had not lost my love that day, I had actually found one. Just like they say, love finds you when you are not looking for it. Being with my sister realized, life is so much more than being sad over a lost love. I learnt how to look up.

This post has been inspired by which believes in looking up with optimism.


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