Peppy, Happy!

I have always loved the happiness of staying happy. There are too many things that make me happy and merely listing down the little facts paint a big smile on my little face. On this international day of happiness, I want to recollect and share those little and big things that have always made me smile.

Happiness is waking up and feeling that the day is going to be great. Happiness is when I open my eyes and wake up to a beautiful surprise on a random day because your family just loves to celebrate life. I am really happy that I was brought up in a family that always smelled of love.

Life is a little journey and we should all try our best to make it as happy as we possibly can. Happiness is not always bagging a big lottery. It is that random prize which someone gives you because they like the way you carry yourself. I get happy when my sister hugs me for no reason and murmurs that she loves me. I get happy when my friends call me without any pretext and tell me that they miss me. Happiness is when my parents look at me and tell me that they are proud of who I turned out to be.

If you sit down and think, you do not really need a lot of things to be happy about. Being happy is more of a choice than a decision. When you are happy, you will bring happiness all around you. I could list a hundred more reasons for the sake of being happy. I am sure that each one of us has our own reasons.

I love being bright and happy and even if I am going through some really tiring times, I can still spot a happy sign and paint a little smile. For me, happiness is about living a life you will be proud of. I feel happy looking at people who are happy too because happiness is an infectious disease, it spreads from one happy person to another.

I feel happy for being with the people I love, for living the life I got and for choosing the dreams I dreamt. So far, I have no regrets and that is reason enough to be happy. I may look a little bookish and dreamy but if this is what it takes to be happy, I am happy that I chose this.

I would love to know what makes you happy. Happiness is recollecting the things that made me happy and of course grabbing a cold drink right in the middle of the summer heat as well.

This post was inspired by Coca-Cola as it celebrates the international day of happiness. Watch their commercial right here.

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