Umpteen Reasons For Food

I have a fetish for cooking and I love the praises that pour in after I make a really delicious meal. However even the best cooks will find it hard to cook for themselves because cooking and food is something which you enjoy when you have company.

This is why when I heard of Guptaji’s nashta, I was excited beyond words. I wanted to go to Guptaji’s home for lip smacking nashta because of too many reasons.

First of all, you need to know that I absolutely love food; almost all kind of food. When it comes to breakfast, I like eating a king sized meal after all, I have been without food for nearly 10 hours. So, if going to Guptaji’s would mean packing my stomach with some really yummy meals, why would I even think again?

As I was surfing through the different choices, I was amazed at the amount of options and variety which they have to offer. I must shamelessly admit that I did steal quite a few recipes because who doesn’t likes trying out some incredibly tasty stuff.

Next, I would love to go to Guptaji’s home for that really amazing crush vala nashta. I mean it has chocolate in it. Talk of chocolate and I could get ready to sell my kidney. Okay, may be that was a little too much, but hey, it is the sentiments that count. I absolutely love the creativity in that recipe and if Guptaji could serve that first crush vala nashta, my day, week, month and even year would be so glorious that I could practically feel that I bagged an Oscar.

Last but not the least, I would head to Guptaji’s place because I love Kellogg’s and I love when people get creative with food. I love the idea of sting down with people, gossiping about the latest buzz in the locality and taking one’s own sweet time to munch down their favourite breakfast and I love when neighbours are more than just neighbours as you always have the power to choose a family. I love the whole idea of having people you could fall back on to satiate the never ending hunger pangs and if it comes with some deliciously rich breakfast, we really cannot complain at all.

These are some of my reasons as to why I would love to head to Guptaji’s home. To be very honest, I really don’t need a reason as long as there is food. There is something so satisfying about eating a good meal that it cannot be expressed in words. Add to this the fact that Kellogg’s is actually a healthy meal which means that not only it keeps me happy, but it also keeps my mom off my back with her lectures on good food.

Check out some of the amazing recipes here and do watch Kellogg’s amazing advertisements and recipe videos here.

You can also take a look at their video right here.


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