Denim trends you need to adore in 2015

Denims have become a classic trend, which is not going out of fashion in the near future. The jeans we know today were invented by Jacob Davis and later patented by Levi Strauss and Davis in 1870’s. Riveted jeans became an instant hit among miners and currently as denim wears for women and men. It was rough and tough, didn’tneed to be washed daily, and could bear harshness of industrial work. Workers from several industry started buying it the moment it hit the stores.

After decades of transformation, it is still a favorite of youngsters. We all have a pair of our favorite jeans lying in the wardrobe, which we love to wear all the time. After a huge success of jeans or denim trousers, fashion industry turned towards working on other form of garments using the same fabric. Just like jeans, denim apparels were also an instant hit. In 1970’s, denim apparels were a must-have for every youngsters.

Since Spring Summer 2015 is bringing back 70’s fashion trends, how can they leave behind the classic looks of denim apparels?

Entire women’s range in denim wear is marvelous and stylish with the 70’s touch. Just grab an outfit from this range, and you do not have to worry about accessories to complete the look!

Mixing the hip culture of 70’s and trendiness of 2015, the collection will take you on a joy ride to the fashion utopia. Some of the denim trends you should try out this year are,

Keep it simple with Jeans!

Nothing is better than a classy pair of straight fit jeans. Wear them anytime you wish, anywhere you like and anyhow that feels comfortable to you. From summers to winters, jeans never go out of trend; fashion designers just tweak it a little bit every year. This year, the bell-bottom jeans are back on the aisle with your favorite skinny and regular fit jeans. If you are confident enough, give them a try and feel the magic of 70’s.


Along with the bell-bottom, high-waist jeans and tattered jeans are also a big hit this year. Wear tattered skinny fit jeans with long t-shirt top, a long chain pendant necklace and your favorite pair of stud earrings with gladiator heels. Do not forget to upgrade your denim stash with snug fit and cuddly boyfriend jeans too!

Add some layers with Shirts and jackets!

Denim shirts became a hit among girls last year and they continue to do so this year as well. From the studded denim shirts to basic solid colored ones, you can pick out any of them for a subtle layered look. Wear it with your classic jeans, chinos or add vibrant hue with leggings, choice is yours. Long denim shirts with a stunning pair of hot printed pair of leggings and you are all set for the day!

The-Vanca-Blue-Solid-Shirt-9736-636137-1-zoom           Miss-Bennett-London-Denim-Jacket-3325-383999-1-zoom

Jackets are an amazing option of layering this summer season. They are cool, comfortable and go well with a wide number apparel styles from your kurtas to your tank tops! Have it for the long run, after all, denim jackets are not less than a fashion investment.

Be cute with shorts and skirts!

Pastel tops with prints and a cute denim skirt! This is the look I would love to have any day!

Alia-Bhatt-For-Jabong-One-Free-Spirit-Denim-Skirt-2553-783587-1-zoom              Miss-Bennett-London-Mom-Denim-Short-9445-914999-1-zoom

Denim shorts and skirts are a must-have for the summer season. While you are preparing yourself for the battle against heat, skirt and shorts can a great help in it. Team them up with t-shirts, tops, shirts or tank tops and you are good to go for the entire day. You can also add layers with plaid shirts or chambray shirts on top as well and throw on a cute sling bag for completing the look.

Like jeans, shorts and skirts in denim as well are available with a variation of tattered and stone wash, so why not try out a new look with this cute denim apparel trend!

Dress up in Overalls and dresses!

If you have become bored of your regular jumpsuits and dresses, give denim overalls, dungarees and dresses a try this summer season. Oh! They are so vintage in feel with that 70’s look. Thinking about denim overalls, I imagine about those cute girls in lumberjack outfit with two ponytails or braids clad in plaid shirts. With denim overalls and plaid shirts, they are a perfect combination of sexy and cute!

Miss-Bennett-London-Denim-Dungaree-Short-8941-104999-1-zoom               Untitled

Grab dungarees or dresses in denim and style them up with gold jewelry, pastel makeup, and high ankle sneakers for a tomboyish look!

Instead of sticking up to your boring regular just-jeans routine, give a try to all these denim apparels. It is time for you to upgrade your denim stash and work for it. Ask your parents for their old denim outfits or start shopping for them!

Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about latest hot fashion trends and styles popular among women.


App That Makes Me Smile!

In today’s times, each one of us owns a Smartphone. The very thought of spending a day without your phone is palpable. While some of us think that technology has ruined us, I believe that it has made life a lot easier. If it was not for the smartphones, I wouldn’t be able to stay connected with so many of my awesome friends all over the globe.

Keeping in mind the growing demand of telecom services, Airtel came up with an awesome app that allows the users to do a lot more! Here, I am going to talk about three of the best features that make My Airtel app one of the preferred choices for one and all.

Pay your bills
Paying off your bills can be a Herculean task and more so, if you are like me when you absolutely detest going out for doing mundane chores.
The app is so designed that it allows you to make payments easily. You no longer need to go to shops to pay off the bills. You will have all the details configured in the app itself and with the help of a few clicks; you can easily pay off all your bills. Now, that is what we call a smart app, don’t we?

Make your own plans
Another thing which you can do is craft your own plans! I personally tend to dislike most of the available plans mostly because they have not been tailored for me.
We all crave for customization as it gives us the feeling that we are special. Apart from this, it also helps us make the most out of our money. No one wants to spend more and when you have managed to download this app, you can choose your own plans and then work upon it. Isn’t it the best thing which you could have asked for?

Pay for friends and family
Sometimes, we wish to do a little extra for our friends and family. There is so much that desires to be done. You want to make a friend happy and there is no better way than gifting them extra mobile balance. This makes it a lot easier for people to explore ways by which you can help your friends and family! Not only this, the app is so designed that you can add your family and friends and you can share the whole pack with them as well. This is certainly an awesome situation and it can help you pamper your family and at the same time, seek their help as well. Really, I couldn’t have asked for more because it certainly seems to have the best of both the worlds!

These are some of the different reasons as to why I absolutely love this app. Click this link here to know more!


When it comes to recalling the best memories, I have too many with my mom. My mom was there for me when I was in a dilemma regarding the career choices which I had. I didn’t know which stream I should choose and I was a ball of confusion. I wanted to study science and arts together and then there was a part of me that wondered if commerce would be best for me because people said it was an easy choice.

Torn amidst so much confusion and lack of clarity, I knew that I had only one place to go and it was my mom. She didn’t really know a lot about academics because things had changed so much since the times she studied and I did. However, she has always been an expert for me and she knew my instincts and choices way better than I did.

She made me sit down and asked me to relax. She told that such decisions are never taken in haste because one wrong decision would thwart me from making a healthy career. It was then that she asked me to wonder what I really wanted to do with my life. She asked me to visualize were I would like to see myself in 10 years and at that instant, I knew what my calling was.

I didn’t want to be chained with books full of accounting jargons, I wanted to do so much more than that and her expertise helped me make the right choice. Today, whatever I am, I owe it to her.

You are an expert mom; you always were and always will be.

Thank you for making my life the story I would live.

Just like moms are an expert, Godrej Expert Rich Crème is an expert too for hair colour.


Nayi League, New Guess

Are you a cricket fanatic? A lot of people believe that India is a country where cricket is considered to be a religion. Hence, any news which has to do with either the cricketers or cricket creates a lot of buzz and hype.
Recently, I stumbled upon this whole EkNayiLeague concept and it made me curious. I have always loved surprises and guesses and the directions in which I can guess can put a lot of people to shame. If you are clueless as to what I am talking about, look at this video to get a feel of what is this buzz all about.

The legendary Kapil Dev is all set to start this new league and he has kept too many people guessing as to what this league is going to be all about. Let us join too in this quest of finding out what this league could possibly be.
As Kapil Dev is talking about cricket, my first guess was that it is another of those “masala cricket” which is dominating the world of sports. I figured it would be another of those IPL format tournaments wherein cricket meets entertainment and firecrackers follow.
However, then I landed upon this video wherein Kapil even invites Sania Mirza to his league. Now, this had me thinking. I mean how is Sania going to enjoy the big game of cricket? Hmm, looks like this one is going to take some hard guesses. I tried pressurizing my little brain even more and was wondering at what possibly this could be.
It was then that I chanced upon another video where in the legendary Kapil Dev was talking to our very own comedian Kapil Sharma aka bittu ji. Now, this did start a lot of random guesses and the very first thing to pop in my mind is that it might be a sports talk show.
After watching all those amazing videos that really do not give the exact clue which could help me sort this confusion, I have come to the point wherein I think that this is a format of a sports chat show. As he insists time and again that this is not a league where you can afford to play with your heart makes me guess that there will be some fierce competitions wherein sportsperson will be pitched against one another.
This is my take on what this nayi league is all about. It remains to be seen as to how impeccable my guesses really are. Whatever it turns out to be, it is surely catching a lot of attention and will be something to watch out for. I can’t wait to see what this league turns out to be. If I have managed to get my guess right, I am going to stay hooked to the show and treat myself with a big chocolate cake.