Nayi League, New Guess

Are you a cricket fanatic? A lot of people believe that India is a country where cricket is considered to be a religion. Hence, any news which has to do with either the cricketers or cricket creates a lot of buzz and hype.
Recently, I stumbled upon this whole EkNayiLeague concept and it made me curious. I have always loved surprises and guesses and the directions in which I can guess can put a lot of people to shame. If you are clueless as to what I am talking about, look at this video to get a feel of what is this buzz all about.

The legendary Kapil Dev is all set to start this new league and he has kept too many people guessing as to what this league is going to be all about. Let us join too in this quest of finding out what this league could possibly be.
As Kapil Dev is talking about cricket, my first guess was that it is another of those “masala cricket” which is dominating the world of sports. I figured it would be another of those IPL format tournaments wherein cricket meets entertainment and firecrackers follow.
However, then I landed upon this video wherein Kapil even invites Sania Mirza to his league. Now, this had me thinking. I mean how is Sania going to enjoy the big game of cricket? Hmm, looks like this one is going to take some hard guesses. I tried pressurizing my little brain even more and was wondering at what possibly this could be.
It was then that I chanced upon another video where in the legendary Kapil Dev was talking to our very own comedian Kapil Sharma aka bittu ji. Now, this did start a lot of random guesses and the very first thing to pop in my mind is that it might be a sports talk show.
After watching all those amazing videos that really do not give the exact clue which could help me sort this confusion, I have come to the point wherein I think that this is a format of a sports chat show. As he insists time and again that this is not a league where you can afford to play with your heart makes me guess that there will be some fierce competitions wherein sportsperson will be pitched against one another.
This is my take on what this nayi league is all about. It remains to be seen as to how impeccable my guesses really are. Whatever it turns out to be, it is surely catching a lot of attention and will be something to watch out for. I can’t wait to see what this league turns out to be. If I have managed to get my guess right, I am going to stay hooked to the show and treat myself with a big chocolate cake.


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