App That Makes Me Smile!

In today’s times, each one of us owns a Smartphone. The very thought of spending a day without your phone is palpable. While some of us think that technology has ruined us, I believe that it has made life a lot easier. If it was not for the smartphones, I wouldn’t be able to stay connected with so many of my awesome friends all over the globe.

Keeping in mind the growing demand of telecom services, Airtel came up with an awesome app that allows the users to do a lot more! Here, I am going to talk about three of the best features that make My Airtel app one of the preferred choices for one and all.

Pay your bills
Paying off your bills can be a Herculean task and more so, if you are like me when you absolutely detest going out for doing mundane chores.
The app is so designed that it allows you to make payments easily. You no longer need to go to shops to pay off the bills. You will have all the details configured in the app itself and with the help of a few clicks; you can easily pay off all your bills. Now, that is what we call a smart app, don’t we?

Make your own plans
Another thing which you can do is craft your own plans! I personally tend to dislike most of the available plans mostly because they have not been tailored for me.
We all crave for customization as it gives us the feeling that we are special. Apart from this, it also helps us make the most out of our money. No one wants to spend more and when you have managed to download this app, you can choose your own plans and then work upon it. Isn’t it the best thing which you could have asked for?

Pay for friends and family
Sometimes, we wish to do a little extra for our friends and family. There is so much that desires to be done. You want to make a friend happy and there is no better way than gifting them extra mobile balance. This makes it a lot easier for people to explore ways by which you can help your friends and family! Not only this, the app is so designed that you can add your family and friends and you can share the whole pack with them as well. This is certainly an awesome situation and it can help you pamper your family and at the same time, seek their help as well. Really, I couldn’t have asked for more because it certainly seems to have the best of both the worlds!

These are some of the different reasons as to why I absolutely love this app. Click this link here to know more!

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