Kurti Trends You Must Check Out In Summers

Gone are the days when Indian girls had to worry about limited fashion styles, now they worry about the lack of time available for trying out all of them. Whether you talk about western wear or Indian wear, girls have a lot to choose from for their day-to-day style. Especially kurtis and kurtas for women have evolved three folds over the last couple of years. They are no longer the boring Indian wear worn on days when you do not feel like dressing up.

Indian designers have ensured to add their part in remaking of the Kurti saga with merging international fashion, traditional styles and Indian fabrics for bringing out the best of kurtis one can expect. You have now unimaginable styles, designs and prints worked up on the kurtis, making them a fascinating range of apparel.

Every girl is now digging them like insane. The love and craze shown for skinny jeans once is now poured over kurtis, maybe with much more intensity. What had made this apparel much more exciting and sought after option for women of all ages is its availability in multiple styles. The style, which is popular in this season, will not be available in another. Indian fashion designers keep on introducing new styles in kurtis in every season. Some of the options popular in this season are:

Long kurtas style

Long kurtas were first introduced in Pakistan from where it crossed borders and entered the Indian fashion territory. Available in multiple colors and prints, these kurtas are adored by women of all cadres.


You can wear long kurtas with palazzo pants, Ghaghra style salwars or leggings for a modern day banjara look. Throw in some Boho style jewelry and no one can beat you in the looking like a diva!

Tunic style


Tunic style is a sort of indo western style kurti, which is a combination of western tunics with Indian short kurtis. These ones are quite popular among college going girls who love trendy look without much hassle of carrying dupattas. Wear them with leggings or your skinny jeans for a hip look!

Frock style

If you have worn frocks at an early age, which I bet you have, and loved to wear them, these kurtis are for you. A mix of western frock and anarkali design, but a bit short in length, these kurtis are very chic.


You can wear them with leggings to office, college or just as a comfortable casual wear. You can also try them as dresses by skipping leggings.

Anarkali style

One of the most popular styles, anarkali kurtis is very popular these days. After being one of the most worn wedding outfit, simple, solid colored, printed or embroidered anarkali kurtis are a must have daily wear for girls.


If you do not like those heavy anarkali suits, these kurtis are just fine for you. Match them with a colored legging, your favorite heels, and dangle earing and you are good to go for any occasion.

Asymmetrical hem style

I love wearing asymmetrical dresses. The flowing hem behind or the illusion of different style from different angle is just mesmerizing.

Asymmetrical hem style kurtis are just same. You can choose from different styles of longer hemline at the back or asymmetrical hem throughout the kurti as per your liking and body structure. It is perfect for girls who want to create an illusion for a slimmer look. Imara-White-Printed-Kurti-8551-0735621-1-zoom

Quirky print style

Quirky print style kurtis became popular after a couple of fashion designers experimented by using popular paintings or characters in their kurti designs. They are quirky, fresh and make you look apart from the crowd.


Printed kurtis are available in small quirky prints as well as loud bold prints so you get to choose the ones that go well with your personality. Just think of them as graffiti t-shirts or slogan t-shirts. You get to speak your personality through these!

Instead of following any particular style, try to experiment with your look in the way you want to. Wear quirky jewelry, heels, wedged bellies, and clothing accessories to have a different look. You can also try out new makeup trends as well as hairstyle for a chic look. With kurtis, there is no dearth of styling, so keep experimenting and looking fabulous!

Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about latest hot fashion trends and styles popular among women.

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