How to style Palazzo pants?

Palazzo pants have caught on with modern women like wildfire. These loose fitted pants with considerable flare come in a range of prints and monochrome hues. They are perfect for outings to the beach, movies and some women are working up ways to wear them to work too! If you are thinking of ditching denims and embracing palazzos, here are a few tips to do it in style.

Simple White T-shirts

white tshrt palazz

If you are aiming for a casual yet chic look, pairing simple, white t-shirts without any graphics or prints would look great on a summer afternoon. Add a statement neckpiece or a chunky bracelet and it will complete the style. The plain t-shirts shall be worked best with printed palazzo pants. You can pick up a few such tees from Faballey or Tshirt Company for crafting a suitable look. A pair of wedges shall be enough to make you sizzle.

For a summer evening, adding a tank or tube top is also a great idea. Slip on a few beaded necklaces and bracelets for a relaxed look. Flip flops and strappy sandals go best with this look.

Adding crop tops

crop top palazo

The loose fit of a palazzo can be complemented by nothing better than a crop top. These snugly fit tops look appealing against a flared pair of pants. However, to work the look you should have washboard abs sans love handles.

A pair of palazzos from The Gud Look or Sangria can be teamed with crop tops from UCB or Vero Moda with élan. Throw in a pair of flat sandals and you are ready to turn heads.

Lace Tops

Lace top palazzo

Cotton palazzo pants could not have found a better accompaniment than the knitted lace tops. They are available in both monochrome and twin shade varieties which can be teamed with élan. If you have picked a pair of plain palazzo pants, then go for a twin toned lace top for it will add a new dimension to the pair.

Tom Tailor and Dorothy Perkins have a great selection of full-bodied lace tops that would look stunning with palazzos. To touch up the look, strap on a pair of Gladiators.

Layered Look

The layered look is much in vogue with women wearing palazzos. With the appropriate pieces of clothing, you make the palazzos perfect for office wear too. Shrugs, cropped leather jackets, cardigans and cashmere sweaters are ideal for adding a light layer on your top.

layered palazzo

Depending on the color play, you can make the viscose palazzo pants look elegant and stylish. Covered stilettos and pump shoes are an interesting addition to the layered look.

The Party Look

If you have picked a pair of shimmery palazzos in silver or golden color, you can balance their look with a plain black or white colored cotton top. Tuck it well within the palazzo for a smart look. A thin belt in a complementary color and high heeled stilettos are all you need to hit the dance floor!

Party palazzo

Either follow this style or make your own, palazzo pants are open for all kinds of styling options. You can turn a basic palazzo into Indian traditional one or hot party looks for club so get started!

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A Healthy diet leads to a happy life

Junk food always tastes the best but they are the worst for our body. Just like we love junk food, the same way they love us back by sticking to us in the form of body fat. Everyone wants to eat tasty but look healthy. Nowadays, obesity can be seen as a common issue and it is a serious threat to the society. An imbalanced diet can make people sick and prone to many diseases some of which are dangerous. People need to understand the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet.

Dabur, one of the reputed companies in market has always come up with healthy products that have changed the life of people. The most important product being Honey. It is said and proven that a spoonful of honey with warm water early in the morning can make you fit and healthy. But it is not this easy as it sounds.

Just having honey in the morning won’t help. Keeping yourself in shape is not so easy. A proper diet plan is a must. You must have all ingredients in your diet and that too in a balanced quantity. Some people have also started following crash diets. Crash diet not only exploits your body but also makes you weak and your body suffers from imbalances resulting in sickness.

It is utmost important for people to understand that the diet plan followed by them should be balanced and not crash diet. Skipping meals for days and then having loads of food in a day does not make any sense. Chalking out a proper diet plan with the help of Dabur’s honey diet will give you a happy life. Once you are fit, you will be happy at heart and feel young.

Start doing the little things. Honey is an excellent substitute for sugar. The amount of calories you pile up in the form of sugar consumed is terribly high. This is why you should always opt for smarter alternatives. Honey also helps in improving the digestive ability of your body. This means that the food you eat will be efficiently broken down into micro-components which in turn can be digested by the body. So, keep these factors into consideration and learn more about the excellent honey diet here.

There are people who have started opting for it and have sensed the changes as well. There is no reason as to why you too cannot benefit from the same. With the best honey diet and a little yoga or may be cardio exercise, you are surely going to succeed in attaining the perfect body shape which will make you feel good about yourself. So, when are you starting this new change of diet? I would recommend to begin today!

Cricket On The Go

With the increasing passion of cricket in India, there was a need of some development which could help viewers manage their time, work, relationships which they otherwise put to stake just to watch cricket.

We all get to notice men around us who get insane when the Indian team is all set to hit the grounds. I have personally seen my brother skip lunch just to watch them bat. The fight for the T.V remote has often turned wild during any championship. Many girlfriends have had their hearts got broken because the boys don’t pay heed to them due to an ongoing cricket tournament. There are endless issues when it comes to craziness of cricket fans.

As said, it is better to be late than never, the UC browser developers came up with a separate segment dedicated solely to cricket and called it UC cricket.

UC cricket is a segment that has been designed for the cricket fanatics to make their routine easy going.

With a simple user interface, it has gained popularity in a short period of time. When you use UC cricket, it will definitely make watching cricket a mobile affair and you don’t have to stick to your chairs or sofas to watch cricket anymore.

Gone will be the days when you will have to ditch your girlfriend just because you can’t afford to miss the game. You can be on a date, enjoy the company of your girlfriend and at the same time, stay updated about all the latest happenings of the game with the help of UC cricket. This sounds like the perfect dream, isn’t it? Well, the good news is that your dream is real!

UC cricket provides users with live scores, commentary, photos, and videos and also live chat feature where users can comment and interact with each other.  So, one can enjoy cricket while at work or college without having to bunk and stay at home.

It is a free to use so you don’t even have to pay for all these benefits.  It is super fast and easy to use thus attracting so many users towards it that people have now switched over to enjoying cricket on UC cricket.

It entertains you, keeps you updated, and saves your time. I am not huge cricket fan myself but if I can have something which could be so easy, why not keep a little knowledge about the game? I have always loved the UC browser and the fact that they have come up with something like this, restores my love for them even more. There is no doubt that things are all set to take a bigger turn and I expect them to keep rolling improvements in time to come. Make sure to check out UC cricket next time you have a match you want to see.


My Buddy Dad!

Parenting has assumed a new direction of late. There was a time when parents were associated with the words decorum, discipline, respect and manners. But nowadays we hear words like friend and buddy.

I personally feel my dad is my best friend. I can literally share every happening of my life with him.

“My dad is my King”, “I am my dad’s Princess”.. Enough of all this. I call my dad, my “yaar”. I have seen my friends shivering in front of their dad and I cannot relate to it.

Me and my dad share a bond like two buddies do. People often tell us that we behave like childhood friends. He becomes a teenager when I need him by my side and I behave like an adult when he is stressed and needs some suggestion.  My mom often gets jealous because daughters are usually more attached to their mothers but I find my life with my dad.

I do love my mom but it is always different when it comes to dad.

There was a crucial time in my life when my dad had a transfer and I had to attend a new school. I was so damn scared of getting bullied that I avoided school for days but then he was the one who encouraged me and in spite of knowing that I was bunking classes out of fear, he helped me stay at home for a few more days with him and shared memories of his school days. He also contacted few of my friends from my home city and got lovely messages from them and finally made me realize that it is not essential that every new comer is bullied. School was then fun.

Then came the time when I had deteriorating results. No wonder my dad studied the entire high school syllabus with me because I found it boring studying all by myself. I was proud of me and my dad’s result as I scored pretty decent in my boards.

Be it my education, relationships or career goals, Dad has always acted as my buddy, mentor and solicitor.

He is the coolest dad one has ever had and of course I am the loveliest daughter too. 😛

This post is inspired by Kellog’s KhulJaye Bachpan campaign. You can find more about them here.

Watch their wonderful commercial here